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American Electric Power
2400 FM Road 3251
Hallsville, Texas 75650

Brandy Branch Reservoir, located in Harrison County approximately seven and one-half miles southeast of Hallsville, is owned and operated by AEP-Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) as a cooling reservoir for its Pirkey Power Plant.

The dam was completed in 1983 across Brandy Branch, a tributary of the Sabine River, and was designed by Freese and Nichols. The dam is a 3,560 foot long zoned earth fill embankment with a 20-foot wide crest and an uncontrolled spillway. The top of the dam is 351.0 feet mean sea level and has a maximum height of 80 feet above the streambed.

Brandy Branch Reservoir has a drainage area of approximately 4.1 square miles, and is designed to be operated at a normal pool elevation of 340.0 feet mean sea level. The storage capacity of the reservoir at the normal operating level is 29,513 acre-feet with a surface area of 1,242 acres.

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