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Name:   Zman - Email Member
Subject:   Hey Cat Boat
Date:   10/19/2009 7:47:54 PM

I have become an admirer of yours via the forum. I am looking for a reliable Sea Doo mechanic to work on my onery 2002 GTI LE and hoped you would be my savior, but alas it appears you don't do major work on PWCs. Who would you recommend on the north end of the lake to work on it? River North folks told me my hard to start issue was related to low compression. Now I need someone to work on "will not start"! I don't care about the distance I have to's 50 miles to the guy I bought it from...

I enjoy your posts and jibber jab with NCII's crew. Keep up the good work--it's highly entertaining!


Name:   Nancy Christine II - Email Member
Subject:   Hey Cat Boat
Date:   10/19/2009 9:07:45 PM

Come on, tell CAT to throw some new rings in there and your good for another season.

Thing is, if you can get him to do it, be aware. Your PWC will make 145Kts and you may need to upholster the supercharger so you have a softer seat.

Name:   alabamaangler - Email Member
Subject:   Hey Cat Boat
Date:   10/19/2009 9:32:09 PM

gasoline or diesel??????


i better hush....he gonna slap the chit outta me

Name:   alabamaangler - Email Member
Subject:   Hey Cat Boat
Date:   10/19/2009 9:43:31 PM

Hey Zman::

I'm not trying to hijack your thread - I too am an admirer of CATBOAT. He's got a great staff over there. I got his label across my back window of my truck and waiting to get a logo for my boat. I just like givin' him a hard time and your question was a good opportunity for a little gigging....'specially since his boo boo of last week.

Name:   Summer Lover - Email Member
Subject:   Ouch
Date:   10/20/2009 8:51:57 AM

I can see some damage being done to hanging body parts if you are sitting on top of an intake that CAT attached to that supercharger - is that why some blowers are called roots type?

Name:   CAT BOAT - Email Member
Subject:   Zman...
Date:   10/20/2009 9:06:07 AM

I don't know exactly who to refer you too. I think Clearwater does major SeaDoo work, but I am not sure. If you want us to look at it bring it on. We are slow, and I am sure we can fix it. I have agreed to do a Yamaha so one more want hurt. Heck, who knows, it may be something simple! Maybe someone has overlooked something. I like a challenge. When you want to bring it? And thanks for the vote of confidence. ;)

Name:   Rooster - Email Member
Subject:   Hey Cat Boat
Date:   10/20/2009 2:13:01 PM

Like CAT said, give Mark or Gregg a call at Clearwater. I am a satisfied customer. They are located behind Chuck's Marina, 15 minutes from Dadeville.

Name:   Zman - Email Member
Subject:   Hey Cat Boat
Date:   10/21/2009 2:13:41 PM

The good part is .... he can take it!!!

Speaking of diesel... I have a VW bug with a diesel engine. Several times helpful folks have tried to stop me from putting diesel fuel in it.... and are astonished to find a diesel bug! Maybe when I visit Cat, I'll let him fill it up for me....

Name:   Zman - Email Member
Subject:   Zman...
Date:   10/21/2009 2:14:11 PM

I'll give you a shout. Thanks.

Name:   CAT BOAT - Email Member
Subject:   Hey zman....
Date:   10/21/2009 10:16:40 PM

I still got that "used Diesel fuel" but it has some oil mixed in. You can have it at half price..... LOL. call me, and lets do this SeaDoo thing.

334.358.2838 or email is better.

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