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Name:   Nancy Christine II - Email Member
Subject:   I never noticed this forum
Date:   12/16/2009 9:20:53 PM

I never noticed this forum till tonight for some reason....
I have one that we love to cook on the boat.
Of course you can try it at home too. LOL

I call it,,,Stick-less Kabob/Stirfry.

Meat quantity's can be less if your are not a hard core meat lover.....'

1/2 Pound Chicken breast diced to bite sizes
1/2 Pound Stake diced to bite sizes
1/2 Pound Large Steamed pealed & tailless shrimp

2 Yellow large bell pepper
2 Red large bell pepper
1 small pack of Medium to large whole mushrooms
1 Purple Onion diced and cut.

2 6oz bottles of Duck Sauce
1 bottle of Worcestershire Sauce.
Salt & Pepper

Cook all the meats together at a medium heat covered in a covered cast iron skillet with 6oz of duck sauce and 3oz of Worcestershire sauce.

The idea is to keeping everything moist and not let any sear. After all the meats are done pour off ALL the liquids.

Then add all the diced vegetables into the pan with the meat and add again 6 more Oz of the duck sauce and 3oz of Worcestershire sauce and simmer string occasionally. I like to add a 1/4 stick of butter when I put the vegetables in but for health reasons this may not be a option for some of ya all.

Cook all this covered for about 10 min or till the bell peppers still just have some crunch left to them.

I like to add a bed of rice & chow main noodles to my plate but you can have it out of the pan too.

This is our favorite, Camping off shore of Youngs Island for the night meal.

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