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Name:   Mack - Email Member
Subject:   Fried Green Tomatoes
Date:   6/30/2010 6:04:03 PM

Visited Charleston, S.C. early June this year. Ate lunch at a place named Cru, down near waterfront. Had Fried Green Tomatoes and they were dadgum good. Yea, I know, again with the fried food, but still,,,,.
Asked for the recipe and they gave it up as follows:
- 5 green tomatoes (sliced about 1/4 inch)
- 1 cup breadcrumbs
- 1 cup Panko breadcrumbs
- 4 eggs
- 1/4 cup cream  (beat eggs in with cream in bowl)
- 1 cup flour
- fresh sliced mozzarella
- Fresh chopped basil
Dredge tomato slices in flour, then the egg wash, then in the 2 breadcrumb mixture with salt/pepper to taste.
Put on sheet tray, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
Preheat skillet with peanut oil to 375*. Place 3 to 5 slices in skillet for 3 to 5 minutes or until golden brown. Remove to drain on rack/paper towels/Publix sacks/etc.

Top with thin slice of cheese and basil.
Different seasonings would be easy to add to breadcrumbs/flour. Just don't salt the tomatoes early on. They'll melt and fall apart during the frying.

Name:   Talullahhound - Email Member
Subject:   Fried Green Tomatoes
Date:   7/1/2010 5:24:26 PM

I've never done them with breadcrumbs. I always dredge them in flour. I've also had them coated with cornmeal. My "twist" to FGT is that I serve them with a milk gravy. My grandmother taught me to do it that way. Sounds like an interesting recipe. I may have to experiment.

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