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Name:   houseboat - Email Member
Subject:   WaveRunner won't crank
Date:   7/6/2010 5:37:59 PM

I have a "95" Yamaha Waverunner with a 80 hp motor that I have had since "2000". Has always run very good in the past but I failed to use it any last year. I installed new battery and siphoned out the old gas and added new gas this weekend but it still won't crank. I think it is probably due to old gas being left in it but need to know what to do. It is getting fire to the plugs. Thanks, Houseboat

Name:   MrHodja - Email Member
Subject:   WaveRunner won't crank
Date:   7/6/2010 6:04:50 PM

First, make sure it is fully choked.  There is a little plug on top of the air intake that you can remove with a large flathead or a quarter.  Remove the plug and pour about half an ounce to an ounce of fresh gas in the hole.  Put the plug back in, take the soft rubber water deflector off the air intake, cover the air intake opening with your hand, and crank.  It should start right up.

Our 97 Waverunner with the twin carb 760 engine is cranky and I sometimes have to do that.

Also, if it is hard starting later, use the following method:  Fully choked, run the starter about 5 or 6 seconds with full throttle.  Then, with NO throttle (but still fully choked), run the starter until it fires off.  Be careful not to run the starter over about 15 seconds of it might be damaged.

Good luck!!

Nasreddin Hodja

PS:  All of the above advice originated with Ronnie at Wards Yamaha in Troy.  That young fella is a genius with two strokes.

Name:   houseboat - Email Member
Subject:   WaveRunner won't crank
Date:   7/7/2010 8:56:18 AM

I had put some starting fluid in the hole you mentioned above the carb and it would fire a few rounds and quit. I think that is the first air intake you mentioned. I am not sure where the second air intake is but I have not looked since your post. I will try your suggestions. I really appreciate your help. Will let you know how it turns out. We have 2, one WaveVenture, 80 HP and the one that won't crank. The WaveVenture has always been hard to get cranked the first time and the one that I am having trouble with has always cranked easy. Thanks, Houseboat

Name:   MrHodja - Email Member
Subject:   WaveRunner won't crank
Date:   7/7/2010 9:22:29 AM

A word of caution - I was told, I believe by the same gent from Troy, not to use starting fluid on a 2 stroke, that it could damage the piston. 

I just looked at a parts diagram for a 95 waverunner III wra650t...and it is different from our 97 model.  It appears there is an air filter to be dealt with...but in any case I am including a link to a parts store that has diagrams showing parts for your machine.  I went to that site and choose your model (if it is the right one) and once  there went to "intake".  If that is the right model, I would recommend removing the item #25 (grommet) and pouring the raw gas in there.  If it continues to fire until that little bit of raw gas is gone, then it must not be getting fuel.  Have you changed your fuel filter?  It might be clogged.

Good luck!

URL: PWC Parts Source

Name:   houseboat - Email Member
Subject:   WaveRunner won't crank
Date:   7/7/2010 5:29:09 PM

Thanks for the caution! I have printed your information so I can try your suggestions. I have not changed the gas filter. Thanks

Name:   houseboat - Email Member
Subject:   MrHodja - Unsuccessful so far
Date:   7/8/2010 8:11:23 AM

I removed the fuel filter and air goes thru it easily, line is not stopped up from tank to filter, could not force any air from outlet line of filter to carb, assume that is normal due to valves. Put gas in top of carb thru hole w/rubber cap and it would run a few seconds, some times it would crank back up and run a second time but only a few seconds. Thought if I did it enough it might open up whatever is clogged or stuck, but it never did. I think I will have to take it to someone to fix. I really don't want to open up the carb. Thanks, Houseboat

Name:   MrHodja - Email Member
Subject:   Best Guess
Date:   7/8/2010 8:49:26 AM

Based on your troubleshooting and the fact that there was old gas in it for a while, I would suspect a stuck float in the carb.  Beyond gently tapping on the side of the carb with a wrench or some other (non-destructive!) device in an attempt to dislodge it I don't have any suggestions.

Steve Northington are you out there and do you have any other diagnosis or suggestions?

Nasreddin Hodja

Name:   CAT BOAT - Email Member
Subject:   Present and accounted for Sir....
Date:   7/8/2010 9:54:33 AM

i have been reading and following the thread. Prolly a good time to quit wasting time, and have repairs done. I can do it here, but can't go out to rebuild carb. no tellin' what parts I may need. I agree with the old gas/stuck float and all the other diagnosis. I'd be delighted to fix Houseboats water toy. HB, give me a call.

Name:   BigFoot - Email Member
Subject:   WaveRunner won't crank
Date:   7/8/2010 12:34:33 PM

..if your yamaha has a fuel petcock (on-off) it is sometimes easy to forget to turn it on as I have found out with my 2 yamaha vxr's...just a thought

Name:   houseboat - Email Member
Subject:   "Great"
Date:   7/8/2010 2:13:32 PM

I did not know you did Waverunners. I found out that a lot of marine mechanics don't fool with them. I will get your number and give you a call. thanks, Houseboat

Name:   houseboat - Email Member
Subject:   Oh yea,
Date:   7/8/2010 2:15:34 PM

I did not forget this time but I have done it before.

Name:   CAT BOAT - Email Member
Subject:   "Great"
Date:   7/8/2010 2:30:25 PM

We do Wave runners and Sea Doos as best we can. I will try to help anyone on Yall are too good to us. 334-358-2838. Steve

Name:   firewater - Email Member
Subject:   WaveRunner won't crank
Date:   7/8/2010 5:50:56 PM

There is a small filer in carbs that is probely stopped up.Also needle and seat could be stuck.Diaphram may have pin hole. Minkuni carbs are simple to rebuild. The problem on a watercraft is getting to them.If you need any help e-mail me.(master tech)

Name:   houseboat - Email Member
Subject:   Firewater
Date:   7/13/2010 1:24:14 PM

Thanks for the suggestions. If I can be of any help in floor, transom, or carpet replacement let me know. Houseboat

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