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Name:   Maverick - Email Member
Subject:   Hey Ulysses
Date:   8/3/2010 6:46:02 PM

What is your schedule starting Friday (wife tied up with sorority rush Sunday and Monday, I think) as will be at the lake for about 5 days. Thought we might venture out and mooch BBQ, garden veggies and beer off of Mack, Lil, Mariah, Summer, Rude, AJ, Jim, Pike and anybody else's house we can find or are brave enough to tell us where they live. I will be the DD as usual.

Name:   Ulysses E. McGill - Email Member
Subject:   Hey Ulysses
Date:   8/4/2010 11:49:18 AM

That sounds like great fun...I'm not yet sure if it will work for me, but I'll keep you posted. Zach is working on his return from Europe this weekend (flying standby) and we are looking forward to spending some time with him when he makes it back to US soil. I have also managed to catch a pesky summer cold that I'm trying to flush and I don't want to spread it around.... even to the likes of the characters you mentioned. Call me this weekend.

Name:   Mack - Email Member
Subject:   Hey Ulysses
Date:   8/4/2010 1:34:22 PM

Good Idea. Go by LNG's first to pick your Bloney Sammich, then zip across to my place to add a slice of onion and a cold beverage.

Name:   Summer Lover - Email Member
Subject:   I don't have
Date:   8/4/2010 1:40:50 PM

Any cleats on my dock, we do have some on the pier though. No Fruck either, but if the American Flag is flying we are down there. Would like to meet you guys, do some "kill it an' grill it", and enjoy some cold beverages. Just stop by LNG's place, grab him and some veggies first - we can do a quick marinate and skewer um up. SOP is to grill, listen to some tunes and "float and drink". We have colas, juice and Bud Light for the non-drinkers. :-)

Name:   Ulysses E. McGill - Email Member
Subject:   Ya big wuss!
Date:   8/12/2010 11:25:25 PM (updated 8/12/2010 11:35:24 PM)

Rude and I had a good time Wednesday, even if you wouldn't come out and play. Thanks for the veggies (and fruit) Larry....they are awesome. Don't worry Steve, our friend LT (and I don't mean Taylor or Tomlinson) also wussed out cause he had to make copies, so you're not alone.....however, at least he probably prevented somebody from going postal.

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