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Name:   Jim Dandy - Email Member
Subject:   As Advertised
Date:   11/17/2010 4:00:30 PM

Went to the new Cathouse last Friday and had an impeller and lower unit oil change. Fast, friendly service at a fair price. The place is shaping up nicely - great job Steve and company. Met a couple of Forum members and other outlaws there too. Also arrived around beverage time, which will certainly garner my repeat business!

Name:   Ulysses E. McGill - Email Member
Subject:   As Advertised
Date:   11/17/2010 8:01:20 PM

I went in to say hello Tuesday. Steve and Dee Dee weren't there, but the show room was open and looking good.  If I decide to sell a boat, I know where it's going! When I need maintenance help, I also know where I'm going.

Name:   CAT BOAT - Email Member
Subject:   wow....
Date:   11/17/2010 8:11:55 PM

Thanks. I could not ask for more support. We can't wait until spring. I could only hope we can continue to live up to everyones expectations. Thank you so much everyone. Steve

Name:   GoneFishin - Email Member
Subject:   Suggestion
Date:   11/17/2010 10:25:07 PM

Steve... Have Bruce change your location on your listing from Prattville to the lake. You might also consider listing uner dealers. Cheers.

Name:   CAT BOAT - Email Member
Subject:   Suggestion
Date:   11/18/2010 8:38:01 AM

Great idea. Thanks.

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