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Name:   ODB2 - Email Member
Subject:   Hey Cat, boat question?
Date:   3/1/2012 12:10:42 AM

I think I am going to take that ol Bullett you fixed up for me, back home. I am looking to upgrade to a NauticStar 2400TE. Its gonna weigh in about 2500#'s. I have a choice of a Yamaha or Mercury to hang on the back. I've always run Merc's but thats because of my local dealer. Any opinions from you? I'm looking at 250 or 300HP. I plan on this being my last boat purchase so I want it right. Thanks for any info.

Name:   CAT BOAT - Email Member
Subject:   Hey Cat, boat question?
Date:   3/1/2012 12:29:32 PM

I remember that Bullet.  There is one on the showroom now much like it.  I have a friend in Montgomery that has a Nautic Star 2400 Bay boat, and he loves it.  He and I have used it at the beach Speck fishing, and on the Alabama River.  I strongly reccomend a Jack plate on that boat.  His is powered by a Yamaha 115, and the combo looks good.  As far as Yamaha or Mercury I really have a neutral opinion.  They are boat good products for sure.  Being that I have software for both engines I can honestly say they are both pretty easy and about the same to work on.  They are both very expensive and deserve good service.  Although not that common, they both will give injector problems from time to time.  The engine designs are basically the same, as is there cooling/impeller/lower unit.  So, for my opinion---YAMAHA for good looks.  MERCURY just cause I like em.  BOTH are really nice pieces in my opinion.  Just another note, don't leave out SUZUKI.  I have worked on a few of those lately, and they seem to be nice products as well.  Milton Tarpley is a fishing guide at Port St. Joe and runs a SUZUKI on one of his bay boats, and I swear when I fished with him once it seemed like he did his wreckless best to tear it up.  Ran it aground all day, dredging up the whole dang Bay and it didnt break.  (He has no idea I own Marine shops LOL).Hope I didnt talk too much.  lol.  Come see me.  I'll try to find you one if you want me to.  Dane (that works at Cathouse LM) in service for us is a a great rigger.



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