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Name:   Tall Cotton - Email Member
Subject:   Volvo Penta Duo Prop leak
Date:   5/27/2014 11:46:30 AM

I have a 1993 Volvo 500B, 305 cu in engine paired with a duo-prop outdrive in a 66' Somerset houseboat. This weekend when we got out on the lake I discovered a leak coming out between the bell housing and outdrive. I added another bilge pump for safety but then decided to try bumping the engine to see what happened. The leak slowed and then stopped completely. When we cranked up on Monday to return to the slip the leak started again. At the slip I bumped the engine again and the leak stopped again. I am having difficulty finding schematics for this setup to see what might be wrong. I had all boots replaced in 2007 just because I had to pull the boat for other reasons. There is/was a leak out of the shifter cable, but raising it above teh waterline stopped the drip. I hate to spend teh $1000 to pull it out. Any ideas on what could be the problem, where to get information, or a way to make any repairs without pulling the boat out of the water?

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