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Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   Cat, need help with my pink wedge
Date:   7/28/2014 11:39:26 AM

Well not really.....but I am having a problem with my Malibu that I need to help diagnosing and repairing.  Starts fine but when its running in idle and above I am getting a weird fluctuation with the RPM.  It surges up and down between 100-150 RPM and it is burning gas like a drunken sailor.....apologies to all drunken sailors.  Seem also to take more throttle to maintain a certain speed as well, hence the fuel burn.  Need a trip to Lake Martin to say hello to old friends?  I have beer in the fridge.....

Name:   CAT BOAT - Email Member
Subject:   Cat, need help with my pink wedge
Date:   7/28/2014 12:07:21 PM (updated 7/28/2014 12:08:06 PM)

LOL on the Pink Wedge.  If I had to guess, the excessive fuel burn (rich condition) is more than likely one of three sensors.  Prolly the Air Intake Temp sensor.  As it begins to fail, more times than not it will send a bad signal to the ECU.  Maybe something like the signal sent will be 30 degrees when it is actually 100 degrees in the engine intake.  The false signal enables "enrichment" (choke in the old days) because the engine ECU thinks it is cold outside.  Think about it and it will make sense to ya.  A simple code reader is no good in this situation unless the sensor is actually inoperative (not telling lies to the ECU but simply not working at all).  Another problem could be the "Throttle Position Sensor".  This sensor detects movement on the throttle shaft and that lets the ECU decide just how much fuel to let the motor have by way of fuel injector pulse widths and other means or regulating.  It even detects "rapid" movements of the throttle shaft and adds even more fuel for a moment. (Enrichment)  Kinda like the excellerater pumps did on the old Carb. days.  Quite possible is IAC motor (idle air control) but it normally does not make one burn excessive fuel.  Only other thing I can think of is a bad plug, or distributor problem.  They can cause a disruption in the ignition driver and really make things a little crazy. (just ask Lil Talisi)  Hope this helps.  I had rather have that boat here at the shop, but your invite is rather tempting.  Sorry for the long post.



Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   Cat, need help with my pink wedge
Date:   7/28/2014 3:17:49 PM

Let me know if you can make a house call.  If not, I will have to figure out when I can bring it your way.

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