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Name:   OleBamaGuy - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Dock Pile Floating
Date:   12/29/2015 1:26:56 PM   IP ADDRESS:

I may get some flack for sayin something about docks I've seen tore up and piled, but here goes.

I have grandkids who love to play in the lake. I pick everything I find floating in the lake while doing my favorite thing which is bass fishin.

I'm very very upset to see that several folks have had their docks tore down and pile to burn but did not get it done before the water rose!!!

NOW, I know you might say they can't control that, but you best believe if it were mine, and I knew the water was a rising, and I knew the construction folks did not get it burned, I would be there with my hip boots fishing boards full of nails out before they float away!

Heck, the construction folks live here and they know better and should be fishing them out but after a week, still have not.

I know of 2 such docks and one is in the Manoy cove slough.

Folks we all have kids friends neighbors we don't want to get rusty nails in their feet, is there someone we can call??

Is anyone else bothered by this?

Hope you all have a safe and nail free new year

Name:   TotheLake - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Dock Pile Floating
Date:   12/29/2015 2:07:22 PM   IP ADDRESS:

I imagine most people were in the middle of their dock projects when the waters started rising.  The water wasn't supposed to come up until January 20th or so.  I don't think anyone anticipated this much rain in such a short time.  I know I keep getting a flood warning on my phone of it being extended because there has been so much rain.  We were about to begin replacing boards on our dock this past weekend after Christmas and we haven't been able to because the water is already up to our sea wall.  I don't think people did this intentionally.  

Just my 2 cents.

Name:   Capt M Brooks - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Dock Pile Floating
Date:   12/29/2015 2:22:16 PM   IP ADDRESS:

If you have any issues with or questions about shoreline construction on Lake Martin, you can call the Alabama Power Company Shoreline Management office at (256) 825-0053. If it's an issue with navigation or boating safety, please call the Marine Patrol at (256) 329-2268 or our dispatcher at (256) 234-2601.

Name:   boataholic - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Dock Pile Floating
Date:   12/29/2015 2:44:29 PM   IP ADDRESS:

As long as we are venting:  Pressure treated lumber should never be burned.  And to those dummies who do burn it anyway, would you please pick up the charred remains when finished?  I pick up some big chunks every year that float up to the shore. 

Name:   rude evin - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Dock Pile Floating
Date:   12/29/2015 5:24:32 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Agree with you on this experience with a next door dock renovation was that the local guys doing the construction would just let the cut pieces drop to the water with no regard to the danger it posed to boaters. They did not appreciate being called out on it, but they did stop that practice.

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