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Name:   HARRY - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Water level
Date:   3/11/2016 8:47:07 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Why the different levels reported by different sites? This one says 485.3. Power company says 486' 3". Lake Martin voice says 485.1.

Name:   boataholic - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Water level
Date:   3/11/2016 11:12:29 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Ala Power has apparantly switched to msl, mean sea level, where a full lake will be 491 and winter level will be 484.  The 490 full lake measurement we are used to was based on some very old error in calculating the height above sea level.  The old way is sometimes referred to as "martin datum".

Name:   John C - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Harry: Water level
Date:   3/12/2016 2:52:52 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Hey Harry: thanks for the shout out about the Lake Martin Voice App!! Great question.

I pull my water change #s from Alabama Power, which was on Martin Datum (aka the old way to talk about water level. full = 490) rather than Mean Sea Level (full = 491). So if I understand my own app's formula correctly, because I started at Martin Datum, any Delta over that stays Martin Datum.

My thought is that most old school lake folks still think of full pool as 490 rather than 491, and I am old school. However, if I feel that a preponderance of thought leans to 491 I will change.

It's kind of like home sale statistics. I used to run my own, where I filtered waterfront sales and the like. But now the ALA Center for Real Estate is doing it, and so I think their standard is more widespread. So i made the change to use theirs and analyze their numbers rather than make my own. Our numbers arene't so different as to skew analysis anyway.

But while we are at it, I would love if you all downloaded my custom app. It has events, shops, funs, etc., and water level. Let me know what you woudl like to improve about it. I really value the forum members' opinions, as yall gave me the best feedback in the early years of my blog. It's one year old now and time for some clear eyed analyis of its usefulness. Here it is: FREE APP

Name:   lakeguy - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Harry: Water level
Date:   3/12/2016 6:43:03 PM   IP ADDRESS:

John C---Your app is excellent. Having the added info--up to date--in addition to water level, has made it a great resource to me!


And---I just got off of it!

Name:   John C - Email Member Reply
Subject:   thanks lakeguy!! /EOM
Date:   3/14/2016 9:00:14 AM   IP ADDRESS:

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