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Name:   Jester - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Septic system
Date:   3/18/2016 1:09:44 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Septic tanks and systems are not a popular subject but at times it is necessary to address them.

Our old sysyem began to give us problems so I had the tank pumped.  Results were my field lines were bad and needed to be replaced after so many years.

Quotes I received to replace the field lines were very high. I was told to call Willim Fuller 256-212-3685. To be short I contacted Mr. Fuller and he worked with the health department to be sure everything was done according to code. It is not always necessary to hire an engineer to design the sysyem. Amy Baker with the Tallapoosa County Health Department was very professional and offered different suggestions to meet the code.  180' of field lines were installed and the price was very favorable.

Mr. Fuller is in the backhoe business and does not pump tanks but does install them and the lines. Evidently a lot of people do not check pricing and just allow the pump company to install field lines if needded without checking other installers.

He completed the job today and I am extremely pleased.

Name:   Samdog - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Septic system
Date:   3/19/2016 7:13:15 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Thanks for letting us know.

Name:   roswellric - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Septic system
Date:   4/4/2016 9:25:21 PM   IP ADDRESS:

I wished I had used him. His reputation is really great.


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