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Name:   Lifer - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Charter cable
Date:   3/24/2016 6:08:05 PM   IP ADDRESS:

I think everyone is aware that I am not a charter fan, and even less of a fan after the last 24 hours. My Direct contract was expired and as we all know the price always goes up so I was looking to go back to Dish and take advantage of all the new customer discounts. But I have gotten into a new venture that requires more internet than I can do on my phone. Charter being the only internet connection available I contacted them. They offered what seemed like a good deal on TV and internet bundle. They installed yesterday. They were barely out of the driveway before I regretted it but was going to suck it up and try to make it work. I called Direct to cancel and they offered me the moon in order to keep me. My Direct bill is $40 cheaper today than yesterday. Now with direct for TV and charter internet for $60 my total bill is the same as charter was going to be for both but direct technology is head and shoulders above Charter. I have had Direct and Dish for so long I guess I am spoiled. Charter still only has 2 tuner DVR and requires a box for each TV so you can't switch rooms in the middle of a recording. I was in the attic this morning switching wiring back over to the sattelite, turned Charters boxes back in at lunch today.

I don't know how many locals read the forum but I hope lots of folks do. Tony Goss (Beekeeper Tony) is currently running for mayor. Tony has been a great advocate for the area trying to bring competition to the local cable market. Should he win he will have even more clout with which to pursue the issue. Of course Tony is not a one issue candidate but this issue is a major one to me. I support him 100% and would implore others to do so. But on a bright note Charter finally terminated Michelle who was and still is I'm sure, a total monster (I don't want to use the word I'm really thinking this being a family forum). Good riddance. Returning the boxes today was actually a pleasant experience.

P.S.- I know this is not directly related to the lake but does affect the lake area and will get more local eyeballs.

Name:   GoneFishin - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Charter cable
Date:   3/24/2016 7:49:06 PM   IP ADDRESS:

You sound like a Democrat....give me free cable.

Name:   Lifer - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Charter cable
Date:   3/24/2016 8:35:26 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Wrong goofy. After having cable for less than 24 hours I would rather pay for sattelite than get free cable from charter.

Name:   Jester - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Charter cable
Date:   3/26/2016 10:36:26 AM   IP ADDRESS:

I have had Charter TV and Internet for some time at the lake. When we moved here full time last year Charter's rates were higher than I paid in Hoover where I had more services. Your comment about keeping internet with Charter was interesting because I had not considered that you could have their internet and tv with someone else. I currently pay $170 month for Basic and Expanded TV plus the Internet. I spoke to Charter and they said I have the lowest rates available.

Questions about Direct TV.

Do you loose service during bad weather conditions?

Do you get the same channels as Charter provides?

Is DVR availabie from Direct or do you have to use Tivo?

Do they do the installation?

Thanks again.  It is probably time to switch

Name:   Lifer - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Charter cable
Date:   3/26/2016 11:02:43 AM   IP ADDRESS:

First off you are paying way to much. My bill for TV and internet was going to be about $120. Internet alone is $59.99. Yes, occasionally during very heavy rain you might loose signal, but is is always just a few minutes. Not really an issue since I watch programs on DVR 90%+ of the time. And yes both DirecTV and dish both offer DVR service. Not only do and they are affected by weather. they offer it, it is so far abvanced over charter that you will be amazed. With both satellite services you have one main box and smaller boxes for any other TV's. All recordings are on the main box and can be accessed from any other TV. You can start watching a recording in one room and finish in another. I can record 6 programs at once and watch DVR at the same time. With an internet connecgion you have access to on demand content as well. You can also watch them on your phone, laptop, or tablet anywhere. There are way to many other features to tell you about here.

I recommend youcall Harrison at Cablebusters. He can set you up with either direct or dish and do professional installation. I don't have his number handy but it is easy to find. Do a search here or Google. If you decide on direct you can use us a referral and we both get $10mo off for 10 months. Harrison will hook you up with other discounts also. My first year with direct I only paid $40 something a month. If you want anymore info send me an email from here.

Name:   Jester - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Charter cable
Date:   3/26/2016 11:34:15 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Thank you.  I will check Cablebusters

Name:   Maverick - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Cable Busters Referral
Date:   3/26/2016 12:15:45 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Harrison is the man, true profesional installer -- highly recommend 

Name:   BamaBob3 - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Cable Busters Referral
Date:   4/5/2016 5:52:11 PM   IP ADDRESS:

AT&T was charging me almost $70 per month and I could only call locally...very locally. I went with Charter to get phone and internet. Then they went digital and I had to have boxes for each TV, which now runs about $20 for boxes. Then $10 for modems for phone and internet. I think the phone in $29.95, internet is now over $50 and the cable TV is over $100. I'm now over $200 per month. The TV signals have issues in that the mouths are seconds behind the sound. Our area complains to Charter all the time but the internet speed and reliability has been pretty good. I'm happy to just have service in the corner of Coosa County. I always have my Verizon as a backup.

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