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Name:   TSM - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Found Dog
Date:   4/11/2016 3:13:40 PM   IP ADDRESS:

45 lb female Black Lab. Found on Kiawah Lane near Chucks.  Clean, sweet.  Howling on porch of house....very distraught.  Wearing a Ruffwear collar.  Call 334-233-0724 if you know her owners.

Name:   Little Gray - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Found Dog
Date:   4/11/2016 9:12:13 PM   IP ADDRESS:

It breaks my heart to hear of an animal in distress or need. It might be a good idea to give the folks down at Lake Martin Pizza a call. They sponsored a fund raiser back in February for needy animals. I had my husband make a donation to this fund raiser as my Valentine present. They have a contact that helps animals in need and they could probably help you find her owners or at least help calm her down. The number to Lake Martin Pizza is (256) 373-3337. They are some of the best folks I've ever met and they love animals, especially the owner, Kiera as well as Angie and Mike. I truly hope you can help and comfort this poor animal, at least until her owners can be found or she can be situated. Please keep us posted. God Bless You!

Name:   TSM - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Found Dog
Date:   4/12/2016 7:56:07 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Owner found! Leroy is home!!  (she is  he!)

Name:   Little Gray - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Found Dog
Date:   4/12/2016 5:43:41 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Oh, thank goodness! I have worried about that dog all lasg night and today! I have such a soft spot for all animals but especially dogs and cats because they are so domesticated and completely dependent on humans for their welfare. Stray dogs often eat anything they can find thus resulting in all kinds of stomach ailments and worms...VERY painful. If only EVERYONE would take the time to get a stray animal to a vet's office or a shelter. Thank you for YOUR kindness in locating this dog's owner AND letting me know that they were reunited!



Name:   Lifer - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Found Dog
Date:   4/13/2016 8:10:06 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Actually cats are not considered domesticated, hence are exempt from leash laws. Some are tamed but none are domesticated. Cats in fact go ferall faster than any other domesticated animal. Cats and pigs both will go ferall in the first generation of being "freed". Hmmm, sorry for the delay. I had to pause and go chase the neighbors cat away. She was trying to pounce on the wife's ducks. She caught a chipmonk yesterday. She tortures them for hours at a time. I like kittens except for they grow up to be cats.

Name:   Talullahhound - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Found Dog
Date:   4/13/2016 11:08:18 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Cats will hunt.  But,  they really shouldn't be left outside to roam.  They are subject to disease, predators,being run over by a car.  All pets should be kept up to date on shots, heart worm, and spayed or neutered and microchipped.

As far as them becoming domesticated, they adapt really well to the "inside" life and are affectionate pets; however they are like dogs- they don't make snap judgements and will not go out of their way to please you.

I've had 10 cats over my adult life, and every one has been a different personality.  BTW, if your cat goes missing, look under the bushes closest to your house first.  When they scared, they dart, but usually don't go far from home unless they are being chased.

please spay, neuter and microchip your pets.


Name:   GoneFishin - Email Member Reply
Subject:   We Agree
Date:   4/14/2016 11:52:25 AM   IP ADDRESS:

I would add to Hound's a tag or attach rabies tag to dog's collar. If you buy a name tag...DO NOT put dog's name on tag. Too easy for someone intent on stealing to call by name. Rather, just your last name and tel number.

You can attach a tag and small bell to a break away collar if your cat goes outside. I read that many female cats that are allowed outside and are not spayed get pregnant by feral males. Then you wonder why as the cat gets older  they are difficult to train or "domesticate".

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