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Name:   The Landing at Parker Creek - Email Member Reply
Date:   4/18/2016 12:09:15 PM   IP ADDRESS:


APRIL 22 11:00am


Come by during business hours THIS WEEKEND ONLY for your chance to win!

Our new menu and hours are posted on our website and Facebook.

Looking forward to an AWESOME 2016 season!!

Name:   randyman - Email Member Reply
Subject:   We need a version of this on the Dadeville side!
Date:   4/18/2016 10:02:52 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Wish we had something like this on our side. No disrespect to Chucks but sometimes more menu diversity would be nice. I'm referring to waterfront dining only. 

Name:   John C - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Taco Truck!
Date:   4/19/2016 9:49:35 AM   IP ADDRESS:

I have floated this idea to Russell Lands before, but I think they / someone should open a Taco Truck at the old Pineywoods Restaurant Location by Wind Creek. RL owns the land, there's power and water there. My guess is there is still a septic system, but you really would not need any restrooms. Have one of those cool taco trucks (we don't have any tacos on the lake)! Serve fish tacos, too. Ice cream, etc. In the off season, you roll it to storage. When Momma G's had that food truck by Creekside Lodge, I heard they paid for it pretty quickly given all the biz they had. Hamburger King at Sikes & Kohn's on 231 does a huge amount of business.

Oh well, it's easy for me to say, "somebody ought to....."

Name:   Lifer - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Taco Truck!
Date:   4/19/2016 10:28:42 AM (updated 4/19/2016 10:32:32 AM)    IP ADDRESS:

The problem with a food truck serving the lake is that if you are going to park in any spot for more more than 2 or 4 hours(cant remeber which, its been a few years since I researched it) at a time you have to have full restroom facilities within so many feet.  This is for employees, not customers.  Empoyees cant use a porta potty because code requires them to wash their hands before leaving the restroom.  All food trucks have sinks for hand washing, but you cant enter food truck after leaving the porta potty unless your hands are washed before leaving the restroom. It could work there I guess if you did have septic and access to the old restoom, but that opens a whole new can of worms.  Also by code/law the "truck" has to return to base daily.  That is why the truck at Blue Creek didn't reopen for  the second season. It wasn't lack of business but onerous health codes.

Name:   flyfisher - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Taco Truck!
Date:   4/19/2016 10:34:44 AM   IP ADDRESS:

dadeville has plenty of eating options--where we are lacking is the middle of the lake--red hill castaway area; we need a deli//pizza, meat & 3--tried many times to get Oskar's & Niffers to open in this area

Name:   John C - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Taco Truck!
Date:   4/19/2016 12:10:53 PM   IP ADDRESS:

I guess Hambuger King at Sikes and Kohn's must really be a trailer and not a truck. It's been there for a couple of years without moving. I don't know. Also I haven't seen any restrooms around it but I guess there must be if it's legal. If not I hope The Man doesn't see this post and shut them down because their burgers are the tops.

Name:   Lifer - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Taco Truck!
Date:   4/19/2016 2:07:16 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Truck or Trailer = same rules.  If it is in a retail area they may have an agreement in place with one of the other businesses to use their facilities, or it may be illegal.  Only the health deptmartment knows for  Like I said, that guideline is about employees not customers.  You dont have to require anything for customers as I remember, other than a reason to come  Don't have a clue how they are getting around the home base rule though.  I loved having the Momma G's there that summer.

Name:   Samdog - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Taco Truck!
Date:   4/19/2016 5:34:23 PM   IP ADDRESS:

You have The Harbor at Castaway.

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