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Name:   Eileen Doverda cliff - Email Member Reply
Subject:   In the Market for a new PWC?
Date:   4/21/2016 8:44:04 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Not sure if this is posted in the right category, but its really not about Boat Maintenance so I'll pass it along here.  Good deals should be shared.  If you're in the market for a NEW pwc and you're considering Yamaha, you might get a quote from CycleSpecialty in Fayetteville GA. (  I just purchased a couple of new PWC's and the price was at least a couple grand cheaper than the several other competitors I shopped.  Plus, they didn't play the game with all the add on fees after a lowball price on the pwc itself.  They gave just one price, inclusive of all that stuff.......& it was a good one.  They have been around a long time (since the 70's) and now I know why.  I have no affiliation with them, just wanted to give you another option if you're currently shopping new PWC's.  I know they have several 2015's and even a couple 2014's (most still crated) they are looking to move.  I was paralyzed with choices, all great prices.  From what I remember though, they only sell Yamaha's.  Happy searching!

Name:   Little Gray - Email Member Reply
Subject:   In the Market for a new PWC?
Date:   4/21/2016 9:46:47 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Thank you very much for the great tip! I, for one, always appreciate someone passing along a good tip or a good deal when they've had a positive experience with a vendor and/or someone that has done good work for them. I actually have a notebook in which I keep these good (and sometimes bad) references. We became first-time lake homeowners 4 yrs. ago. We got a fabulous lot with a not so fabulous house on it...although we are very grateful to have it! Lord willing, in about 3 or 4 yrs. we'll build a new house.  In the meantime, we've had a few other things that needed a repair or two and have gotten several good references and tips from this forum. 

We purchased our Sea-Doo's 2 years ago but we might be in the market for a good, used, later model Pontoon (tri-toon preferably and not used in salt water).  

Thanks again for the good information!

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