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Name:   jwh445 - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Bo Bikes Bama
Date:   4/27/2016 11:47:32 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Is anyone from the Lake Martin area planning on attending this event put on by Bo Jackson, at Auburn, to benefit the emergency response network in our area.  The event is a 20 or 60 mile road cycling course followed by food, drinks and music at Auburn.  My team and I attended last year and will be there again this Saturday. Look for us, Team Bovine Paceline.

Name:   OnTheBike - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Bo Bikes Bama
Date:   4/29/2016 9:24:40 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Not going this year, but several from Bham will.  I am in Parker Creek area.  Do you ride at the lake? Where?


I ride mostly in Coosa and Norhtern Elmore.

Name:   jwh445 - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Bo Bikes Bama
Date:   5/2/2016 4:08:40 PM   IP ADDRESS:

I am in Trillium.  We have a Trillium loop, touring the neighborhood and heading out Prospect and Prospect cutoff; 18 miles a lap with 900 feet of climbing.  We also have a Tallassee/Eclectic ride, 42 miles 2500 feet of climbing; a very nice ride as long as the dogs are sleeping.  I am on Strava, if you would like to see my routes (John Hennessey).  BBB was awesome again this year, one of my favorite rides.

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