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Name:   jd1234 - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Snakes
Date:   5/1/2016 10:38:04 PM   IP ADDRESS:

We were at the lake Saturday and Sunday and saw 4 snakes in the water around our dock, and it was definitely 4 different snakes.  We are the in Parker Creek area.  Has anyone else had an issue with an overabundance of snakes this early?

Name:   lakngulf - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Snakes
Date:   5/2/2016 8:03:59 AM   IP ADDRESS:

I have killed one but that is the only snake I have seen so far.  Don't like snakes!  Also in parker creek area.

Name:   Shari - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Snakes
Date:   5/2/2016 10:06:12 AM   IP ADDRESS:

We are in Manoy Creek.  Hubby killed two this weekend and a third got away.

Name:   Nonney - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Snakes
Date:   5/2/2016 10:32:37 AM (updated 5/2/2016 10:35:18 AM)    IP ADDRESS:

Good snakes and poisonous snakes. IF you identified 4 different species of snakes they wre most likely harmless. Water snakes can be agressive about their habitat and will chase off poisonous varities or actually kill them.  Having regular water snakes around is a good thing and if they bother you just splash around and they will seek safety.

Name:   wix - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Snakes
Date:   5/2/2016 9:22:34 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Publish your address and we'll deliver a bunch of snakes so you'll really enjoy "splashing around"; however, the snakes I deliver to your dock may be just a little dead!!  Just kiddin'....

Name:   razorback - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Snakes
Date:   5/3/2016 4:28:28 PM   IP ADDRESS:

The point about the common water snake is that it protects the area from poisonous snakes, especially the young cotton mouths since they are small and easily eaten. As for the bigger ones they just chase them away. Rat snakes and others on the ground will also attack and eat copperheads and rattlesnakes. Most snakes will get out of the way if you don't actually step on them. I would determine the type of snake before removing it.

Name:   Buteye - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Snakes
Date:   5/4/2016 11:31:44 AM (updated 5/4/2016 11:35:36 AM)    IP ADDRESS:

I was at the lake last Thursday and saw a 4 foot water moccasin swim under my dock. There were some construction workers at my next door neighbors house and they said they had seen 3 or 4 water moccasins swimming around in the last few days. I usually have several youngsters playing and swimming around my dock and I don't plan to try and sort out the good snakes from the bad. I am in the Blue Creek part of the lake and it appears that this time of the year snakes are going to be pretty much all around the lake. I do think that snakes are going to be more prevalent in the shallow waters in the sloughs than out in the deeper part of the lake.

Name:   DSCR - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Snakes
Date:   5/5/2016 8:14:00 PM   IP ADDRESS:

This is kinda like folks that tear down mud dauber nests then complain about how many spiders they have.


Mud Dauber


One should always consider the predator/food relationship when eliminating objectionable pests. Their main food may be a worse pest than the pest you eliminate.


Consider the reintroduction of the Eastern Indigo to Lower Alabama. Let's hope folks dontkill them just because they are a snake.

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