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Name:   geo_aub - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Dogs at lake
Date:   5/8/2016 10:32:18 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Everyone, including my family love their pets like children. They truly are members of our families.

That being said, along with having pets at the lake, particularly dogs, comes great responsibility...allowing our dogs to roam the lake neighborhoods is very poor judgement and unsafe for all of us. They do what dogs do. Get into trouble when not supervised. We have witnessed over the recent past dogs fighting with and injuring other people's pets, damaging property, frightening children, chasing deer & turkeys and the list goes on.

We are full time lake residents and own dogs, too. We invested in an attractive wooden fence to keep our dogs "home" and safe. PLEASE make an effort to keep your dogs safe. Whatever it takes. Your beloved pet may not make it home if you continue to be irresponsible parents.

Have a GREAT lake season!



Name:   Toni - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Dogs at lake
Date:   5/8/2016 1:48:20 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Great message George!  Thank you!

Name:   Little Gray - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Dogs at lake
Date:   5/9/2016 7:58:44 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Thank you for posting this very important message! We have a nice place in the Holiday Shores area of Lake Martin. There is a dog in our neighborhood whose owner cares not what she does or how much she terrorizes others. We have had many "run-ins" with this neighbor and their dog. Law inforcement has been called...many times. This is a very dangerous dog and there is no leash law in Dadeville. We have had 2 incidents where this dog came onto our property and attacked our Schnauzer and our Beagle. The Schnauzer attack was severe, resulting in agony for our dog, vet bills, medicine bills and considerable time spent tending these wounds. A couple months ago, I was turning onto our street, which is directly in front of this dog's home, and I see her coming down the street with something in her mouth. It looked like a cat, a rabbit or some sort of small animal. As it turned out, it was another neighbor's dog they were babysitting for their parents while they were on vacation. They had just gotten to the lake and the dog was taking a potty break before going inside. They were not aware that the dangerous dog was roaming in the yard right next to them. In the blink of an eye, this large dog (looks like a Lab) snatched up this small dog and was running back to her home. This is when I saw her. She ran into her yard, placed the poor limp dog under a tree, laid down beside it and guarded her "kill". Not far behind were the terrified neighbors that now had to deliver this sad news to her parents. Where were the owners of this killer? They were on vacation. I fear that it is just a matter of time before this dog attacks a small child. As you said, these pets are valued members of our family and we care for them as such. There are many responsible pet owners BUT there are also many careless pet owners. This is not fair to the neighborhood NOR is it fair to the actual pet that is allowed to roam at will. 

I am not a "Big Government" woman, but I truly wish our state and local laws would catch-up with some of the other states in legislation that more closely governs pet owners and severely punishes participants of dog fighting and the evil people that abuse animals!

Maybe, as a community we could have influence in positive change. I surely hope so!



Name:   wix - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Dogs at lake
Date:   5/9/2016 9:44:45 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Do you own a gun?  You live in the country, not the city, and there are no city or county ordinances, but if you feel threatened and the dog is on your property, take care of'll possibly save a child's life.

Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Dogs at lake
Date:   5/9/2016 9:56:33 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Exactly what I was thinking.  I have my hand gun with me when I am at the lake and if a dog comes onto our property and is threatening I will drop it in a heart beat.  Having said that, several of our neighbors who are full time have dogs that run loose but we know them and they are very friendly.  So to me it depends on the dog and its behavior.

Name:   Eileen Doverda cliff - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Dogs at lake
Date:   5/9/2016 6:47:11 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Well said Geo_Aub!

Name:   Lakewood - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Dogs at lake
Date:   6/2/2016 12:48:18 PM   IP ADDRESS:

I have to say, as a former newspaper delivery boy from back in the old days who's been barked at PLENTY of times: a person who pulls a gun to kill a dog when he feels "threatened" has a problem. A bullying problem. Resorting to firearms MIGHT be necessary if you are truly attacked by a truy savage/wild dog or a pack of wild ones, but those situations are extremely rare. The chances are very very high that 99% of the barking dogs you encounter are barking at you becaise they are unfamilar with you, and perhaps protective. Even the slightest mature judgment will get both you and the dog out of any such situation. I'm a gun owner, but I'm really starting to to get annoyed by these faux-macho threats to solve all your problems with a firearm "because you can."

That said, it's apparet that the roaming packs of condo-dwellers in our area have changed the nature of thingds for m who's been coming to the Lake for over 60 years, wiht and without dogs. It's approaching suburbia up here now, unfortunately, and we're going to have to fence in our dogs, it looks like. Not to protect you: to protect them from isolated packs of savage gun-owners trying to make a point and pretending to be nature-boys.

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