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Name:   Firefighter - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Troy Cable / ComLink
Date:   5/8/2016 7:13:15 PM   IP ADDRESS:

As a follow-up to the previous discussion, I offer the following:


I have the new Troy Cable (old ComLink system) "Gold Plan" internet system for $53.95 per month. The download speed should be 15Mbps and the upload speed should be 3Mbps. This past week I have checked it 5 times and each time it is 5 and 1 which is 1/3 of what I'm paying for. E-mail's with a couple of pictures take forever to send. Remember, this is the slow season and it can only get worse.


I think we should call their special 1-800-722-2805 phone number to complain.


For info, the Basic TV plan is now $109.80 per month.

Name:   chuckysal - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Troy Cable / ComLink
Date:   5/10/2016 5:31:30 PM   IP ADDRESS:

I have a service call scheduled for Thursday at our lake house in Parker Creek to replace cable modem, router, etc., and to test speeds... I asked if the technician could help trace down the problem if the speeds didn't match the advertised package speeds and she said yes.  I will admit that my telephone conversations with Troy Cable have been nothing short of delightful... the people there sounds like they really want to help and make things right for the customer.  They even called me a few minutes ago to explain that they uncovered an issue this morning as to why we weren't able to get online this weekend... they were out of IP addresses that they could issue.  I explained to the lady on the phone how horrible Comlink internet was... compared it to dial-up on busy lake weekends... they said they have swapped out equipment to hopefully alleviate those issues.  Time will tell... I even jokingly asked about fiber at the lake and she said it was on their roadmap to bring it up there... 

Name:   chuckysal - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Troy Cable / ComLink
Date:   5/12/2016 4:04:39 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Just a quick update -- turns out that Troy Cable didn't have our account provisioned correctly on the back end... we're now seeing 14-15mb down and around 2mb up.  The lady I spoke with said that the 15/5 speeds previously quoted to me were for the fiber network and not the coax.  The speeds we should expect to see at the lake are up to 15mb down and up to 2mb up.  Let's hope the speed stays consistent as more people get up to the lake for the summer!  I will say overall I'm pleased with the support that I've received each time I call Troy Cable.  

Name:   Firefighter - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Troy Cable / ComLink
Date:   5/13/2016 9:55:50 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Thanks for the update. After I complained about the speeds I was receiving they increased them to the 15Mbps and 2Mbps.


It's hard to believe they didn't know what they gave me originally but all is OK now.

Name:   Lakewood - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Troy Cable / ComLink
Date:   6/2/2016 12:10:04 PM   IP ADDRESS:

I've been off the Forum for awhile but am looking at thie Troy Cable info with interest: we've been with Charter for a long time and they are "pretty good," usually reliable and fast enough. We've had intermittent issues from time to time but not often. we are internet-only.

Phone suport works but is often frustrating -- they force you to go through all those disconnect/reboot/reconnect cycles, even when you did all that stuff before you called. Eventually, though, they've been able to fix issues in real time after a call.

The downside is they are EXPENSIVE -- 70-something bucks a month for just Internet access (in fairness, they drop us down to a much lower off-season rate for six months of the year so overall, it sorta works out tolerably -- I see no decline in service or speed during those months.)

Is Troy Cable clearly an improvement? We're up here in Oakachoy Creek/Tate's Cove, just past Parker CReek. Do they serve this area?

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