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Name:   Buteye - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Wake Boarding on Lake Martin
Date:   6/14/2016 1:38:16 AM   IP ADDRESS:

I am a Lake Martin home owner and I just finished reading the 25 posts under "Wake Boardong the Narrows Legal Issues". My property is in a slough that is very popular for "Wake Boarding" and I am well aware of their concerns and agree that the situation is getting out of hand. A neighbor in our slough actually had a frightening experience involving waves from a Wake Boat and their daughter. Their grown daughter was attempting to drive her personal water craft{PWC}onto their floating water dock. Just as she approached the PWC dock the wave created by the Wake Boat arrived at the same time she was attempting to dock. The wave washed the PWC off the front of the dock and forced the nose of the PWC into the side of their boat house knocking a hole in the side of the boat house. Luckingly and amazingly she was not injured. She could have easily been ejected head first into the wall of the boat house and suffered severe injuries. I  don't think the majority of the Wake Board operators are aware of the dangers they are creating and the damage that is being done  from the "fun" they are having. Two years ago I had family and freiends on my pontoon boat and we were slowly going through the narrows on the way to Chimney Rock when a lady driving a high speed boat pulling two young girls on a tube passed us at a high rate of speed. Her wake washed up on the front of my pontoon boat, knocking the computer my son's mother-inlaw was holding out of her han. Luckily it did not go overboard and was not damaged. Hopefully the lady reached her destination safely with the two young girls. At this point, I agree with what others are saying about the Marine Police becoming more involved with this issue.

Name:   Buteye - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Wake Boarding on Lake Martin
Date:   6/16/2016 2:16:56 AM   IP ADDRESS:

I see my post on wake boats didn't warrant any responses. I was not trying to sensationalize the subject on wake boats. My main purpose was to emphasize safety regardless of the type of water craft one may own. The situation I mentioned was intended to make people more aware of the type of safety hazards generated by different types of water craft. Luckily the young lady was not hurt but was visibly skaken. What would have been the result if she had been severely injured, or even worse, killed?

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