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Name:   GoneFishin - Email Member Reply
Subject:   HEY WACKINitUP!!
Date:   6/15/2016 10:21:25 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Interesting how you have changed your position about property rights over the years. When it was your dock and someone elses boat you took a position quite different from today when it is your boat and my dock. You want those who have an issue with wakeboarding damaging their move off the lake.

Sure seems hypocritical to me but a typical attitude of the ME generation...What am I missing???

2016 TODAY

If you don't like the wake then you should move off of the lake. If your boats are secured properly or on a lift you wouldn't have any worries. It bothers me you people think you own the lake.


And how about the guy next to the A frame with the sail boat anchored out in the middle of the slough so nobody will make a wake near his pier.  Give me a break.  Needs a ticket from the marine police for not having lights on his vessel at night.


I was sitting in my living room Sunday afternoon and saw what appeared to be a fishing boat with a flashing light on top of it driving very close to people's docks at a high rate of speed. He was really acting a fool. He nearly clipped a few dock and a couple of pontoon boats. A couple of my friends and I decided to walk out on our dock and get his attention. As the boat approached us we read the words SURVEY TEAM on the side of the boat. The driver stopped and told us he was working for a company out of Boston. The boat had Rhode Island plates on it. The fellow continued talking and informed us that he was taking a gps reading of the floor of the lake. He said that his company is the company trying to get approval to exhume all the old trees off the floor of the lake. I would like you to be aware of this boat and be careful around it because the guy can't seem to drive. He's going to hurt someone. I also heard there may be up to 3 of these boats on the lake and they will probably be here for the next 3-4 weeks. I am posting to let you know what's going on and to ask how YOU feel about these people coming in and messing with our lake. Will this affect the quality of the water, fish, or anything else.





Name:   WAKINitUP!! - Email Member Reply
Subject:   HEY WACKINitUP!!
Date:   6/15/2016 11:57:56 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Nice research. The posts you pulled up both were regarding the safety of people's lives enjoying lake Martin.  But that is fine, call me hypocritical. I quit posting on this forum years ago because everytime someone has an opinion opposing the popular opinion forum members bash one another. Tonight I had enough.  We already banned "go fast boats" back in 2006. What's next? Wakeboard boats? Then what seadoos?  We'll eventually be left with a lake full of electric powered pontoons. Wake up people and think about what is happening. I see all these posts about getting together and doing something about the "irresponsible wake surfer and wakeboard boats. Can't we all enjoy the lake?

Name:   WAKINitUP!! - Email Member Reply
Subject:   HEY WACKINitUP!!
Date:   6/16/2016 12:03:55 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Also take a look at the post from 2011, I was standing up for wakeboarders then too. A guy in the studivant area had decided anchoring a sailboat out from his house would deter us from skiing there. He had no lights on this boat at night and eventually did move the boat.  The post from 2005 had nothing to do with this topic other than to warn others of someone who I saw nearly run into a few boats. He appeared to be drunk so I posted a public notice. My views are the same now as they were back then.

Name:   GoneFishin - Email Member Reply
Subject:   HEY WACKINitUP!!
Date:   6/16/2016 12:40:58 AM (updated 6/16/2016 12:49:50 AM)    IP ADDRESS:

If kids want to swim around their docks, they can't if wakeboard boats are throwing waves in sloughs. Regulations and bills to outlaw only occur when rudeness rules. Then, it is the danm government making more rules. The answer is quite simple...common sense. If it were your kid swimming...would you be pissed if the wakebaord boat came through? Kinda like when that boat doing the survey came close to your dock in 2005. You didn't like it then and  I sense you would not like me casting lures around  your dock from my boat if your kids wanted to go for a swim or you just wanted to chill out on the dock.

In 2011, you were mad cause the guy was blocking your wakeboarding. My point is you seem to get upset if someone is close to your dock or blocking you but have no problem if you are the cause of someones boat tied to a dock getting damaged or their kid can't go for a swim. 

I have no problem with wakeboard boats but stay in the open water. You are just inviting more rules and regulations.

Enjoy your weekend.

Name:   wix - Email Member Reply
Subject:   WACKINitUP!!
Date:   6/16/2016 9:25:55 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Wake boat owners need to learn a lesson....Lake Martin does not belong to wake boaters any more than it belonged to go-fast boats and yachts.  We all have equal opportunities to use the lake.  When swimmers, kayakers, fishermen, and homeowners cannot enjoy their lake because of wake boats, then you should expect and prepare for rules for wake boaters.  You and your buddies are responsible for your own future.

Name:   LonghornBoater - Email Member Reply
Subject:   HEY WACKINitUP!!
Date:   6/17/2016 9:44:17 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Can we please get back on topic!!!!

What do you use for bait when attracting these paddle board folks?

Name:   CAT BOAT - Email Member Reply
Subject:   HEY WACKINitUP!!
Date:   6/18/2016 1:58:12 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Yea...  What LB said.  

Name:   Lifer - Email Member Reply
Subject:   HEY WACKINitUP!!
Date:   6/18/2016 3:44:07 PM   IP ADDRESS:

I thought surely I was the only fellow on Lake Martin with this horrible.problem but after reading the response from Little Talasi I see they are everywhere. So to answer the question about the only "bait" apparently needed is hot air, sunshine but most importantly, relatively calm water.

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