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Name:   Alabama Gal - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Chuck's Marina July 8th-9th
Date:   7/6/2016 10:25:15 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend! It's gonna be another great weekend of music at Chuck's. River Dan back at Chuck's on Friday night, July 8th after being out touring on the road from here to Texas to New Orleans and back to Orange Beach. The County Road 66 with Jacob Halse will be cranking up the fun on Saturday night. Come out and join us for dinner and music from 8-11 pm....

Name:   alahusker - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Chuck's Marina July 8th-9th
Date:   7/7/2016 9:12:26 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Have had a long standing family tradition with Chuck's.  Kids/grandkids/family fly in from all over the country, spend several weeks with us on the lake.  Chucks has always been a 'must do' event, pizza, beer and the annual family picture.  

My mistake, arrived there by boat @ 6:30 on friday, July 1st. Finding a slip was a challenge, renovation was new to us, and we were  forced to locate the 'thundering herd' way up on the new level.  Very hot, no fans and was informed the wait time for pizza was 2 hours.   

We reevaluated,  a rough 16 mile boat ride home and ordered from Lake Martin Pizza (very good.)   All-in-all a disappointment for the family but we recovered and saved a few bucks.  Hope things improve, have been a Chucks fan for nearly 20 years.   

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