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Name:   Maddog - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Reel Mower
Date:   7/9/2016 7:54:35 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Can anyone reco someone who can sharpen a reel mower? I live in the Sandy Creek area but am willing to travel to get this mower sharpen. Thank you for your help in this matter

Name:   cobra - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Reel Mower
Date:   7/13/2016 9:12:08 PM   IP ADDRESS:

I worked the last 15 years of my working time as a golf course mechanic and course superintendent .   To find someone with a reel grinder is next to impossible unless its a golf course.  Do you know anyone good enough to maybe get them to grind your reel at a local course.   If its not to bad then you can grind the front face of the bedknife yourself and then back lap the reel.  

      What brand mower do you have ?   I probably still got some lapping compound at my shop but the trick I found is make sure your bedknife is not worn on the front face like a pocket knife looks. 

     I used to put our greens mower on the lift and take a die grinder after we cut in sand and make it cut after hand grinding the front face in no time.  You can guess at it but it needs to be ground flat on the front at 90 degrees, not knife shaped.  It should cut newspaper after you hand grind the bedknife and backlap the reeel.  You will have to adjust bedknife to reel where it is about .002 clearance , not touching but has the whisper sound when you spin it over.  You can contact me for more information if you want.  I probably set mowers thousands of times and even though I am older I still know how :   Tom

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