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Name:   10toLife - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Young's Island
Date:   8/9/2016 10:31:16 PM (updated 8/9/2016 10:33:08 PM)    IP ADDRESS:

Since reading about the history of Lake Martin, Alex City and Dadeville----I have been fascinated with the history of the area before land was flooded and what now lies beneath the waters of Lake Martin. I have been looking for information on the Young house that burned in the 1990s.....and the gravesites. There is little to no information on the internet. I did talk to the new Bay Pine Marina owner and he told me it was OK to go on the island as Mr.Young did not mind -- just no camping.

So after weeks of wanting to do so -- my daughters and I finally did go onto the island.  It was very interesting. You could see where the fire had been. The graveyard was very old and had a lot more burial sites than I had imagined...although there is no way to tell who is there. There were 3-4 graves that were better marked but still hard to read. We took pictures, but due to a pretty bad storm heading our way, we had to leave before we were ready. I never saw anything resembling a house or what was left of a house, but did not go further than the gravesites.  We saw an armadillo just tottering about. Poor guy-- hope he has other armadillos to hang out with. We also saw, near a lagoon area, a ton of bottles and trash that had washed up and gotten caught there. (we will go back and clean that up on Lake Martin clean up day in the spring)

Does anyone know anything about the house or who exactly is buried at the burial ground?  I thought I read on a stone a Dr Young was buried there. I have not had an opportunity to really study the pictures ....but I will this weekend. I am assuming the house had no electric? I love history and geneology. I plan to go back-- when there is not a storm looming-- and spend more time looking at the stones to see if I can make anything out and also try to find the remnant of the house that was once there. I know the Ferry operated near there but I am not sure how close to the house the river was. I plan to put the graves on Find a Grave if I can figure out who is there. I think it is an important part of Lake Martin and a founding family's history that should not be forgotten. Any info or stories would be appreciated.

Name:   Lifer - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Young's Island
Date:   8/9/2016 11:33:25 PM   IP ADDRESS:

If old Graves intrigue you why not explore graveyard island? In fact I have received permission from ARCO to clean it up.  Is is completely overgrown.  I had plans to do it last winter but the flood between Christmas and new years ruined that plan and then my friend dying stopped the plan B. Once the weather cools and the water drops some more I will be moving forward with the cleanup.  There are a dozen or so marked Graves and the condition is deplorable. I have already had an offer of assistance from one other forum member but will gladly accept any other help I can get. In full disclosure,  the little island is one huge briar patch and cleaning will be difficult.  Last year there was also a duck nest but I don't know if they stay in place or love from year to year.

Also I recommend the book 'Putting Loafing Streams to Work".  It is about the early years of APCO with a lot of focus on Lake Martin.

Name:   Old Diver - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Lake History
Date:   8/10/2016 11:11:44 AM   IP ADDRESS:

   I did a bit of history at the Power Company on the building of the lake and found out a few interesting things:

     When clearing the basin they had to move the graves. Back then the law said a grave had to be moved between 6:: PM and 6 AM because they didn't want the occupant to wake up and think it was resurrection morning! (Who ever said a law had to make sence?)


   They had to remove the roofs of houses before burning because it was arson to burn one with a roof. You can still see the foundations on sonar.


    All the trees were cut with a cross saw or an ax. That is why the stumps are about waste high.


   Believe it or not, the Power Company records show they used some 460,000 pounds of chain, wire or cable  tying the trees down to keep them from floating against the dam.  




Name:   Lifer - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Lake History
Date:   8/10/2016 11:46:55 AM   IP ADDRESS:

All true diver.  They paid a local mortician $10 per grave to seek permission and move the Graves.  At the time the best funeral offered was $2. Hundreds of Graves were moved.  He got wealthy. The Graves on graveyard island were left because they were above 490. Erosion has taken a huge toll on it.  It was shared up with rip rap abiut 10-12 years ago. I think, but have seen maps to confirm,  that originally it was connected to the island due South of the remnants of graveyard. It was most certainly much much larger in the past as evidenced by the shallow water and hazard bouys around it.

As for stumps,  it is my understanding that everything that would be exposed by annual drawdown had stumps removed. The drawdown then was fifty feet so basically almost all were removed.  I've seen pics of large swathes of land that looks ready to plant. This has been discussed before.  I read the whole reservoir was "clear cut". But apparently stumps were left in some areas. On the other extreme they cut nothing when Henry Neeley was built and paid dearly for it later.

Name:   lakerlady - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Young's Island
Date:   8/10/2016 12:16:46 PM   IP ADDRESS:

I would love to help clean up the island. I typically don't have water access in the winter but could probably work that out. Where is graveyard island? We have a bad habit in our family of naming islands of our own accord and not using the actual names. I am going to pick up a new lake map and try to break this habit. If you could let me know a week or so ahead of time that would be great!

Name:   Lifer - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Young's Island
Date:   8/10/2016 3:22:16 PM   IP ADDRESS:

We all tend to give our own names to areas but I try to stick to published names when there is one.  Graveyard island is due North from Youngs island.  It is behind the bigger island with the two Eagles nests. It is marked and named on all maps.  It is very small and if you aren't looking for it you won't notice it. I don't have direct access in winter either but plan on leaving a boat in at a neighbors who has year round water.

Name:   10toLife - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Young's Island
Date:   8/10/2016 11:24:12 PM   IP ADDRESS:

I will definately help you! Let me know when you want to go start the cleanup and I will be there with bells on. I'll check out that book as well.  :) 



Name:   Lifer - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Young's Island
Date:   8/11/2016 3:53:49 PM   IP ADDRESS:

I will definitely let you know. I am waiting on the cool front that's coming,  October. I will go and check it out this weekend. There is a decent sand baron the upper side which is essential for parking because it is completely encircled by rip rap and not conducive to parking.

Name:   vacation - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Young's Island
Date:   8/13/2016 6:54:30 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Another source for Lake Martin history is LAKE MARTIN ALABAMA'S CROWN JEWEL (2003) by Elizabeth D Schaffer and Arcadia Publishing.


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