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Name:   Alabama Gal - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Chuck's Marina Music Schedule
Date:   8/17/2016 10:44:42 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Summertime is flying by so make the most of every weekend! If you have not been up to check out the new stuff at Chuckwalla's - you are going to find a cool new dining area with stunning view and Shorter Wait Times!! Playing this Friday night Aug. 19th all the way from Birmingham- Tad Hill and Band playing some rock n roll. Then Saturday night, Aug. 20th Michael Curtis and Tony McCarty. Michael played with Russell Craig a few weeks back. Don't miss the opportunity to see him again! The final music schedule for the summer:
Fri. Aug. 26 Tony Brook
Sat. Aug. 27 Jonathan Bloom & Brian Hinton
Fri. Sept. 2 Tad Hill and Band
Sat. Sept. 3 Shades of Gray


Name:   Deckboat - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Chuck's Marina Music Schedule
Date:   8/18/2016 9:24:41 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Greetings....what time does the music start?

Do you have a full bar now? In the past, I had to go downstairs to order pizza, to the store for a Coke for my daughter, to Winestoppers for a glass of wine for my wife, then get a beer at the bar.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing the new facility. 

Name:   Alabama Gal - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Chuck's Marina Music Schedule
Date:   8/18/2016 9:29:51 PM   IP ADDRESS:

On the new main level you may order your drinks and pizza. At the bar area on the same level, several domestic and premium beers are offered along with a large draft selection including house wines. The fountain drink machine is located on this level also--order along with your food and get your soda cups here. Behind the bar is a cooler with other non-alcoholic selections like the Calypso lemonade drinks and bottled waters.

A few short steps up to WineStoppers, you will find premium wines that can be ordered by the glass or the bottle. These wines also can be bought retail for your dining pleasure at home. Most of the wines at WineStoppers are from smaller vineyards and are finely crafted. A Lake Sonoma cabernet would go great with the Meat Lovers pizza. WineStoppers (air-conditioned!) is a quieter environment for adults. You are welcome to dine here on the inside or out on the cozy deck. Food and beer from the bar is fine to bring in to WineStoppers. We do have specialty beers in WineStoppers- 3 or 4 choices- like an IPA. The house wines are on sale in the store for retail off premise. 

And, for your viewing pleasure, the new Lizard Lair dining area (with a large Big Ass fan) has seating for large and small groups away from the bar area. So you can still get a little exercise by walking upstairs. The Lizard Lair has a smaller bar with domestic beer, house wines and about six taps. We are still working on the selections in this area.


Name:   Alabama Gal - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Chuck's Marina Music Schedule
Date:   8/18/2016 9:31:14 PM   IP ADDRESS:

PS  The music is scheduled 8-11 pm on Friday and Saturday nights. Labor Day weekend is the last weekend for music!

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