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Name:   Maddog - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Recommendation
Date:   9/4/2016 12:19:49 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Lots of people ask for a recommendation here around the lake. I'm here to give a recommendation and a GREAT BIG "Thank You" to an electrication that came to our aid yesterday. My Georgia Family rented a house near our house for a Labor Day Weekend get together. When they arrived late Friday evening, they found the house without power. One of the family members is a builder and he found out that the main breaker box was blown out. We put everyone up for the night at our house. Saturday morning I called Rick Griffin of Griffin Electrical, Inc of Alex City. He did work for me when we remoleded our kitchen. I told him of our problem and he told me he was heading to Georgia for a car show. After handing up, a few minutes later Rick called back and said he would be here in about 30 minutes. He confirmed that the main was blown. To replace it, we had to get AL Power out to disconnect the meter so Rick could go to work. He worked into the afternnon getting the power restored. My Georgia Family could not believe we could get someone out here on Sat on a holiday weekend much less get the situation repaired. I told them that Alabama/Lake People are always here to help. If you're ever in need of a great electrican, please do not hesitate to Rick Griffin at 256-749-6284.


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