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Name:   BigFoot - Email Member
Subject:   Three-peat!
Date:   12/4/2016 3:20:16 AM (updated 12/4/2016 3:42:16 AM)

Week 14 (Final): My Fish won the final week with 6 points.  The final standings show Bamabob at the top for an unprecedented third consecutive year with 127 points.  Lake Gal finished  2nd with 126 followed by P.C. with 122.  The final tally reflected dropping each players worst week (lowest number of wins).  Clicking on Weekly Performance gives a clearer look at this.  Congratulations!

Name:   BamaBob3 - Email Member
Subject:   Three-peat!
Date:   12/6/2016 10:41:01 AM

Thanks. I can't believe the regular season is over. Unlike Alabama's 3 peat ( they finished strong - Roll Tide!!! ), mine was the worst showing of the year. Congrats to Lake Gal for leading the entire season...probably won it straight up.

Thanks BigFoot for setting it up again! Are you putting together the Bowl challenge? 

Name:   BigFoot - Email Member
Subject:   Three-peat!
Date:   12/7/2016 4:56:12 PM

Straight-up was a tie with you and Lake both are pretty darned good at picking against the spread... see above for Bowls

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