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Name:   ChrisCraft - Email Member Reply
Subject:   House fire
Date:   3/7/2017 2:04:22 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Saturday was a sad day in the Barron Bridge area. We (and others) watched helplessly as a house and a mobile home burned. I have yet to find a single detail concerning this tragic event and hope no one was injured. Seeing something like that can really be traumatic...we cringe when we hear sirens now in a totally different way and can only imagine what the owners must be going through. Our prayers and thoughts go to those who lost their homes. Would like to know more so we could lend a hand in some way but, as stated, haven't been able to find out any details. 

Name:   PTClakefan - Email Member Reply
Subject:   House fire
Date:   3/7/2017 8:02:26 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Our house is 3 houses over from the house that burned to the ground Saturday afternoon.  No one was hurt, but as you pointed out a house and a mobile home were completely destroyed and another house was slightly damaged.  Apparently it was caused by a homeowner burning leaves and brush which apparently got out of control.  What was realy ironic was that while 4 fire departments and homeowners were trying to deal with this fire, someone across the slough had a big old fire going, probably trying to outdo the fire across the way.  Moral of the story is that even though we have had some decent rains lately, we need to be careful when burning brush, leaves etc.  

Name:   Aardvark - Email Member Reply
Subject:   House fire
Date:   3/8/2017 4:48:55 PM   IP ADDRESS:

There was a house fire off Kamp Kiwanis Road about a month-month and a half ago.  I have not heard a cause.  The house itself was totalled, but there is no sign of damage elsewhere.

Name:   Lake Martin Dock Company - Email Member Reply
Subject:   House fire
Date:   3/19/2017 9:27:17 AM   IP ADDRESS:

We ( Kowaliga Fire Dept ) responded the fire off Kamp Kiwanis Road.  The house was unoccupied and a total lose.

The lesson:   The fire was only noticed by a neighbor around 2am, and called in at that point.  We were able to contain the fire, and prevent it from spreading to surrounding structures and homes.   If the home owner had a simple alarm system, there is a very good chance we could have saved the majority of the home.  More importantly, if that neighbor had not happened to notice in the middle of the night, there is a good chance they would have been calling to report their house on fire.  

  Please work with people around you that are not full time and encourage them to have a simple alarm system to protect their homes and the surrounding homes.

As for people burning “leaves”  smh.


Name:   Buteye - Email Member Reply
Subject:   House fire
Date:   3/19/2017 12:36:15 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Thanks for the information. Your advice about a warning system is appreciated. Also, I was leaving the lake a few days ago headed west on Hwy 50 and as I crossed Martin Dam a long Kowliga Fire Truck was across the road at the intersection of Gold Mine Road. Just as I pulled up an Emergency Medical Helicopter landed right beside me on Gold Mine Road. About that time the driver moved the Firetruck and let the traffic through. As I was pulling off I asked a man what had happened and I thought he said a rock climber had fallen. Do you have information on the accident?














Name:   Lake Martin Dock Company - Email Member Reply
Subject:   House fire
Date:   4/17/2017 1:55:10 PM (updated 4/17/2017 2:00:32 PM)    IP ADDRESS:

Ok, so I was driving that truck - so we can say we know each other now.. :)  Small world.  

  Some brothers were rock climbing, and one fell ~ 20 feet.  Thankfully he did not break anything including his skull, and was transported by ambulance.  


  Two other things about that call..

That was Red Hill Fire's area - but during the day , we Kowaliga Fire Dept assist, thus why you saw us there and not Red Hill.

The other, the initial call said the patient was unconcious, and that activates Life Flight..  We are technically there to support the helicopter operations.  Clear a safe landing area, keep people from driving into the helicopter ( harder than you would think ) , and put the fire out if the pilot has a bad day..   Many times, we also transport the flight medic to the scene when the ground ambulance is not close.

Anyway, probably more than you wanted to know.. :)


See if this looks familar.. 


David McGirt 
Lake Martin Dock Company

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