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Name:   overworked - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Dog Found
Date:   5/21/2017 1:40:57 AM   IP ADDRESS:

We have a dog that was turned over to us from some fishermen. She is a White Dog with more golden on her face and ears. She has a little golden in other areas of the white. She looks to be a golden retriever mixed with lab or something along those lines. She is well trained and very easy going. Young also. Definatly been kept inside. No chip. She was found in the talledega creek about 10 miles from childersburg. She has been with our rescue group for several days now and we have desperatly been trying to find her owner all over the state. If she is not claimed by Tuesday she will be getting ready for adoption and placed in a new foster home hopefully. If anyone knows who she may belong to or who may want to adopt her please let us know. 

Name:   PineNeedle - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Dog Found
Date:   5/22/2017 6:19:07 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Sunsetologist posted a couple of weeks ago about a man looking for a golden. I sent him a post do if hear back will let you know. 

Name:   Alabama Gal - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Dog Found
Date:   5/23/2017 7:36:31 AM   IP ADDRESS:

If you post a picture, I will put it on the Chuck' s Facebook page.  Several dogs have found their way home through Facebook.

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