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Name:   Rock1 - Email Member Reply
Subject:   The orange buoys
Date:   5/30/2017 10:22:05 AM   IP ADDRESS:

The Water Patrol needs to do something about all the orange buoys tied out in the lake from a individuals pier because they think they own the lake.  It is dangerous you can't see them at night and they don't need to be out there.  

I been on the lake every year since 1964 and until recently people think they own the lake.  

This is down from Real Island.  


Name:   btexpress - Email Member Reply
Subject:   The orange buoys
Date:   5/30/2017 10:40:46 AM   IP ADDRESS:

   Nothing to do with ownership.  It is usually a reaction to unsafe boating practices.  Unless you are fishing or going to someones dock, you don't need to be plowing thru swim areas.  If you can't see the orange marker ballls your definetly not going to see a person in the water.  There is plenty of open space out in the middle of the lake for everyone.  We don't have them but after watching people plow 5-10 feet off the end of th dock...maybe we will get them.



Name:   wix - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Think about this...
Date:   5/30/2017 10:47:49 AM   IP ADDRESS:

If the Orange buoys are in your way, then you are way to close to someone's dock and maybe kids swimming.  Would you rather see an orange buoy at the last minute to avoid at night, OR would you prefer to run head on into a dock?  

Name:   Rock1 - Email Member Reply
Subject:   The orange buoys
Date:   5/30/2017 11:03:14 AM   IP ADDRESS:

I doubt people are coming that close to your pier.  Common sense however if it is a busyday or weekend we are not swimming out far from the pier.  If you want to put out a buoy fine but not 20 or 30 feet where in some cases it is hard to get thru or enter the slough.  

Name:   Rock1 - Email Member Reply
Subject:   The orange buoys
Date:   5/30/2017 11:12:07 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Of course I guess you could still  run thru the inside of the buoys too.  If you cant'  handle the boats coming by go live on a pond.

But again boats are not running that close to piers and the buoys do not need to be out that far.  Only official buoys need to be out in the lake.


Name:   Talullahhound - Email Member Reply
Subject:   The orange buoys
Date:   5/30/2017 11:18:04 AM   IP ADDRESS:

In our slough, 2-3 houses have little ones swimming in and around their docks, and I think it makes sense to alert boaters that is the case. People swimming in the water, especially kids, are hard to see.    But, I don't think people should leave them out, all the time.  I believe this is some misguided attempt to keep boaters from getting too close to their property - and yes, boaters sometimes do, get that close to the dock - fishermen, in particular, but also pleasure boats riding in our slough.  We personally dont have the orange balls, but if it comes down to saving kids or being annoyed about orange buoys, I think there is an obvious choice. 


Name:   Rock1 - Email Member Reply
Subject:   The orange buoys
Date:   5/30/2017 11:38:09 AM   IP ADDRESS:

On a busy weekend I'm not depending on a orange ball to protect my kids swimming .   Putting ball out from pier if helps you sleep at night is one thing but not out 20 of 30 feet from the pier. 

Name:   wix - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Rock1
Date:   5/30/2017 11:51:34 AM   IP ADDRESS:

Are you the inconsiderate _________ that plowed within 15' of my floater in his loaded pontoon boat and whose wake almost threw the kids in the water.  Are you the wake surfer that broke the 2" pipe mounts on my floater by plowing by 25' from my floater?  I'm not in a slough, there's no less than a 1/2 mile of open water in front of my buoys are for inconsiderate idiots.

Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member Reply
Subject:   The orange buoys
Date:   5/30/2017 12:58:21 PM   IP ADDRESS:

A new house in the Sandy Creek area put out two very large orange balls around 30' from their new dock in a fairly narrow area that gets a lot of traffic.  I didn't really mind until we did a night cruise past this spot and realized that they are almost invisible when it is dark. They are pretty big and could possibly injure someone if they hit them at high speed (not something I recommend at night but my observation is that others don't see it that way).  I am OK with homeowners putting out floats like this as it is helpful to keep boats from coming too close to docks but common sense is needed so it does not become a hazard to boaters.  Something more visible at night would be best and while orange works great during the day it is very hard to see at night.

But this beats the heck out of the one house in Sandy Creek with a huge sign that says "No Wakeboats!"  First of all, they don't own the lake.  Second, a sign like this does zero good.  Finally, boaters are responsible for damage but anyone that owns property on a lake needs to design their pier and boat mooring to take into account wave action.  Shaking your fist at inconsiderate boaters may make you feel better but my simple strategy of designing for the worst is a much better approach.  I frankly don't go to the lake to worry, complain and get angry about stupid boaters and just assume they have always been around and will always be around.  It's a much better move to render their stupidity inconsequential.

Name:   MrHodja - Email Member Reply
Subject:   The orange buoys
Date:   5/30/2017 1:16:55 PM   IP ADDRESS:

This has come up before, and it was said that the buoys can be no more than 25feet from the dock (someone please fact check me on that.)  Now think about it this way.  Twenty five feet is roughly the width of three boats.  Do you re ally need to get that close to their dock?

That being said, I have seen some of those buoys a good hundred feet, maybe more, from the dock.  Those folks should be forced to either move them within 25 ft of the dock or remove them altogether. 

Name:   flyfisher - Email Member Reply
Subject:   The orange buoys
Date:   5/30/2017 3:50:23 PM   IP ADDRESS:

also off Tecumseh Point

Name:   Lifer - Email Member Reply
Subject:   You are correct
Date:   5/30/2017 5:21:53 PM   IP ADDRESS:

The Marine Police have stated here that they will allow them up to 25' from ones pier but I believe unless a buyer is causing extreme hazard or they receive complaints they won't do much. I have complained about one place in Manoy Creek to no avail. They have one white body and one little red bumper much further than 25 feet out. Ownership has changed since I last complained however. Not that it has any bearing on the issue but the previous owner who placed them committed suicide on the property so it is safe to assume he might have been unstable.

Name:   CPH - Email Member Reply
Subject:   The orange buoys
Date:   5/31/2017 10:13:46 AM   IP ADDRESS:

These orange buoys are in our slough.  One of them is far more than any 20-30 feet from the dock and in an narrow turn too far out in the lake for two boats to pass safely outside of it at cruising speed.

Name:   Rock1 - Email Member Reply
Subject:   The orange buoys
Date:   5/31/2017 11:08:29 AM   IP ADDRESS:

They really do not need to be beyond the end of the pier.

Name:   Eileen Doverda cliff - Email Member Reply
Subject:   The orange buoys
Date:   6/2/2017 3:25:08 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Orange buoys are fine (within 25 ft of dock or shoreline in probably 99% of cases).  Certainly legal, and within rights.  Disagree 100% with Rock1.

50-100 feet out.......totally different story.  Would agree with Rock1's words about "owning the lake".

If nothing else, the orange buoys are subtle reminder to respect speed/distance/wake size directly around the shoreline.

Maybe if a little more respect was shown at night to shoreline "encroachment", we wouldn't end up with as many fishing hooks embedded in our boat covers or upholstery.


Name:   sunover473 - Email Member Reply
Subject:   The orange buoys
Date:   6/3/2017 4:07:00 PM   IP ADDRESS:

We have orange buoys 10-15' out from our pier. They are there for multiple reasons

1: to give the kids a boundary within a safe distance from the dock and not out in boat traffic

2: to keep boats from cruising too close to our dock where there are children in the water

3: to tie up floating mats and visitors sea doos

They aren't out there to claim the lake. They are there for safety. Not everyone on the lake is an experienced boater and keeps a safe distance. If you're on the wrong side of the buoy you're about to lose a prop.

Name:   Mack - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Another Question??
Date:   6/3/2017 6:52:03 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Why do you need to run your boat within 30' of a dock?? Or 50'?  Especially at speed??

Isn't 2 boat lengths clearance from collision with a dock or body reasonable?

Do you need to use that 30' space to perform a boat manuever?

Why?? Having seen this argument many times, maybe yours will be different. I would like you to explain it to us??


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