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Name:   MrHodja - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Red Wasp Encounter
Date:   6/4/2017 7:56:31 PM   IP ADDRESS:

OurBimini top has not been deployed yet this season and has been inside its sleeve for a few months.  Today as I was fiddling with our non-operative anchor light which is on the Bimini top I had the extreme bad luck of disturbing a red wasp nest that had been built inside the Bimini sleeve.  Have never had a wasp sting this bad.  It is on the tip of my middle finger and just now after about three hours the shooting pains are beginning to recede.  It is twice the size of its mate on the other hand.

For some such a sting can be a life- threatening situation.  I am lucky in that it just hurts like he!! and my body is taking it in stride.  If you are a part-timer like us or are away from your place for a while, be sure to keep your wasp killer bazooka handy when unfurling things  like Bimini tops or just about anything that would be a likely nest-building location.  Getting a surprise like mine today is NO fun, believe me.


Name:   Mack - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Red Wasp Encounter
Date:   6/5/2017 10:05:01 AM   IP ADDRESS:


Name:   Webmaster - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Red Wasp Encounter
Date:   6/5/2017 10:48:50 AM   IP ADDRESS:

I remember getting stung as a kid and it didn't seem like a big deal. When I was in my 20's and 30's I don't recall getting stung or having a major incident with insects. Now that I'm in my 40's, I've had several yellow jacket stings in the past few years, and come to find out I have a severe alergy to those. Swelling is bad for two weeks and takes longer to subside completely. I went to the doctor when I got stung on my hand and they gave me a steroid shot. It was also recommended that I have an epipen in the event I got stung in the neck. I've been wondering if my alergy would be the same for wasps, bees, hornets, mud daubers, etc. as it is the yellow jackets. I don't want to find out.

Name:   Talullahhound - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Red Wasp Encounter
Date:   6/5/2017 12:59:58 PM   IP ADDRESS:

We had wasps build a huge nest in the indentation in the boat behind the motor.  And we've got a wasp's nest in the ceiling of our boat house - too high up to reach. 

Name:   p.c. - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Red Wasp Encounter
Date:   6/5/2017 1:12:13 PM   IP ADDRESS:

We had a rough red wasp Memorial Weekend starting out with our 2 year old grandson getting stung twice on his ankle while on our lakeside porch.  Our daughter has allergic reactions to wasp stings and now has an epi pen handy.  After turning over the furniture on both porches, spraying several nests and removing them after the wasps were gone, one appeared overnight above our front door.  Much more wasp activity than in the past.  

Name:   George - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Red Wasp Encounter
Date:   6/5/2017 3:25:48 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Please refrain from waving with that hand as it will surely be perseived as a bird finger.

Name:   MrHodja - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Red Wasp Encounter
Date:   6/5/2017 3:43:58 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Today the tip is bright red....don't even have to wave it around, lol.

Name:   Jester - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Red Wasp Encounter
Date:   6/5/2017 7:22:12 PM   IP ADDRESS:

I had two large wasp nests in the top end of my boat house.  Bought some wasp spray that sprays  a long distance and it did the trick

Name:   LonghornBoater - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Red Wasp Encounter
Date:   6/5/2017 8:55:59 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Just an additional fact regarding the wasps, they are particularly fond of grubs. That being said, if you notice them hovering in your yard it is probably time for some Grubex. As I am sure you are all aware these discussing white beings turn into Japanese Beatles when the mature.

Name:   Lifer - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Stings can be deadly.
Date:   6/6/2017 10:35:12 AM   IP ADDRESS:

  When I was in college the first time I worked in a hospital emergency room. A 22yo man was brought in by ambulance. He worked for a tree trimming crew. All they could tell EMS was he was in the bucket and slumped down and was unresponsive. On exam a nasty sting was located. His coworkers stated he had been stung about a week earlier and claimed it was the first time ever. He had a mild reaction but was treated on site with the first aide kit. The doctor explained that the first sting had created antibodies or antigens, I can't remember which, that made the second sting fatal. He went into anaphylaxic shock almost immediately. EMS found no signs of life on arrival but continued the CPR started by his coworkers. He was worked on for quite a while in the ER because he was so young nobody wanted to "call it". I can't remember if epipens were even available at the time but they certainly weren't as prevalent as today.

  I post this horrible story to let folks know that if you have an extraordinary reaction to a sting from bee, wasp hornet or any other stinging insect please consult a doctor. It could save your life. I understand this was an extreme case, but you could be too and not know it.

Name:   KowaligaKid - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Red Wasp Encounter
Date:   6/6/2017 1:25:14 PM   IP ADDRESS:

Name:   Blue Creek - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Red Wasp Encounter
Date:   6/11/2017 1:32:48 AM   IP ADDRESS:

If you have a nest and want to get rid of them (not sure why anyone would not want to) the best thing I have seen to get them is Dawn dishwashing liquid mixed with water.  Mix (slowly stir the mixture as you don't want it to foam up) about 1 part Dawn to 2 or 3 parts water in a large glass and douse it on them.  They will hit the ground and most will be dead when they hit the ground.  I've used it several times and have not had one fly after throwing it on them yet.  Had a few that were not dead when they hit the ground but they didn't last long and most hit the ground dead.  It's absolutely amazing.  Make sure you use the orignal Dawn liquid.  It's blue and thicker than the other types.  I don't know what it has in it but will kill wasps as soon as it gets on them.  It's also good for killing fleas and ticks on dogs.  It will kill lice too.

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