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Name:   Alabama Gal - Email Member Reply
Subject:   Chuckwalla's Pizzeria/July 4th Schedule
Date:   6/29/2017 7:59:51 AM   IP ADDRESS:

The hours for Chuckwalla's Pizzeria for the 4th of July celebration starting this Thursday.
Thurs June 29 11am-4pm
Fri. June 30th 11am-9pm---- Bar till 11---- Sid Phelps Duo
Sat. July 1st 11am-9pm---- Bar till 11---- Alabama Avenue Band
Sunday July 2 11am-9pm ----River Dan 6-9 pm!...
Monday July 3rd 11am-9pm -----KARAOKE with Michael De La Cruz 7:30-10:30
For July 4th Pizzeria will have lunch 11am-4pm--(normally closed this day)
July 5th Pizzeria Closed

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