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Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   Meanwhile Trump keeps winning on behalf of America
Date:   7/26/2018 11:05:48 AM

So while the media is fixated on the Cohen tapes we have some very good economic news.  First on the tariff front, it appears the EU has blinked and has promised a more level playing field.  The devil will be in the details but at least they are talking about making concessions on tariffs.  Will be interesting to see if China blinks as well.  They have much more to lose than the EU.  Time will tell if his strategy works but this is a very good sign and is moving in the right direction for once.

Also, it looks like Q1 2018 GDP will be in the 4%-5% range.  As we saw during the Obama years when we likewise had occasional quartely GDP of more than 4%, the key will be if this is sustainable.  We need to see annual GDP of at least 3% (something Obama never managed to have which was one of his many dismal records on the economc front) before we can conclude anything but it is at least a positive sign.

And yes, if all you do is watch the govt media this will probably be news to you.

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