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Name:   Talullahhound - Email Member
Subject:   Cheap Sentiment
Date:   8/27/2018 2:04:53 PM

So now all the Democrats want to honor John McCain as a hero.  Yes, he was in the military - his father and grandfather were Admirals, so he didn't have a hard time getting into Annapolis.  Yes, he went to Viet Nam - as did all young men of his age at the time.  He was shot down and taken POW - as were a lot of other American young men.  Some died in captivity, but he was lucky enough to live.  Yes, he refused release in favor of waiting for the other POWs.  So would a lot of young men.  

What sets him apart?  He took his POW status and parlayed  it into a political career.  Everyone now wants to hail him as one of the "lions of the Senate", but in fact, a lot of people have spoken out and this was routinely done before everyone became so party centric, that they don't speak out on anything any more.  

He rain for President twice - once with that idiot Sarah Palin in tow  - he could have refused to run under those circumstances, but he didn't.  He figured that having a woman on his ticket would bode well for him, but alas it didn't.  

But I am getting away from my point.  What is it about our society now that so many people fall for cheap sentiment.  Here is Architect, so upseet that Trump didn't heap laurels on a person that he didn't like and didn't like him.  Keep in mind that McCain said some pretty horrific things about Trump too.  

What is a hero?  Is it just serving?  Or does it have to do with doing something truly heroic - the guy that runs into the heavy fire to save his buddy and team mate.  The guys in Somolia who didn't have to, but jumped out of an airplane in order to try to help helo pilots that were shot down, with no regard for their own personal safety.  Real heros don't pound their chests - they are usually humble as anything.  When you see the guys receiving their Medal of Honor, they back away and say that they did what anyone else would have done.  They don't turn it into a political career.  

But so many issues are like that for Democrats - crying over children seperated from their parents when their parents put them in that situation to begin with.  Fawning over illegal immigrants - now calling them "undocumented immigrants" instead of criminals, which they are because they have entered our country illegally.  

Wanting to give everyone everything for free, because those poor people didn't have opportunities, totally ignoring the large number of people who rose up from poverty and made opportunities for themselves.  

Cheap sentiment is going to be the ruin of our country - where everyone is a hero, everyone gets a trophy, no one is ever left out and nothing bad should ever happen to anyone.  What the heck has our country become?  


Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   Cheap Sentiment
Date:   8/27/2018 2:22:00 PM (updated 8/27/2018 2:28:58 PM)

Be assured that if Trump had followed the conventional wisdom of heaping praise on McCain, these very same detractors would be pillorying him for hypocrisy.  These people can never be satisfied.  I was frankly gratified that Trump made a very short and nice tweet instead of the usual self-serving pablum of the political class.  Everyone knew that they couldn't stand each other and some long-winded glorification of McCain after he died would have been seen for what it really was.  Be assured, if Trump cured cancer the Democrats and  Never Trumpers would march out a long line of medical professionals that were going to lose their jobs.

Name:   lakngulf - Email Member
Subject:   Cheap Sentiment
Date:   8/27/2018 2:58:41 PM

Well said, Hound.  I agree with every word.  Trump gave Sen McCain some good reason for bitterness, and he ran with it.  The Ocare vote was not for American people but for spite.  No way McCain gives Trump a feather when M is already so disgusted that T rif something he could not do.

And I had previously pointed out that the Dems could not find a better ticket for 2020 than McCain/Graham.

But Lindsey has righted the ship a bit and maybe better now.

Name:   HARRY - Email Member
Subject:   Cheap Sentiment
Date:   8/27/2018 9:07:58 PM

Well said by all

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