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Name:   au67 - Email Member
Subject:   Palin excluded
Date:   8/29/2018 6:48:50 PM

When news broke on Saturday of McCain’s passing, Palin said: “Today we lost an American original. Sen. John McCain was a maverick and a fighter, never afraid to stand for his beliefs. John never took the easy path in life — and through sacrifice and suffering he inspired others to serve something greater than self.

“John McCain was my friend. I will remember the good times. My family and I send prayers for Cindy and the McCain family.”


Palin was not invited to the McCain funeral/lovefest.  Why?  Did the bitter old man think she was the reason he lost the election?  I believe he would have gotten less votes if he had (in retrospect) chosen Leiberman as his running mate.  Sarah Palin was not the problem. 


John McCain...RIP... (RINO in Perpetuity)

Name:   Talullahhound - Email Member
Subject:   Palin excluded
Date:   8/29/2018 10:11:57 PM

I had to laugh today.  It was stated that McCain planned, in detail, his funeral and no doubt that included the guest list.  Control freak to the end.

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