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Name:   au67 - Email Member
Subject:   The McCain funeral and the establishment
Date:   9/2/2018 7:11:51 PM has an article entitled "The McCain Funeral Marked the End of An Era for The Globalist War Party." A commentor posted the following which I am sharing.  I wish I could be this articulate and concise:

Nobody spelled out the winning alternative until Donald Trump decided he'd had enough. War after war, creeping socialism, creeping globalism, creeping secularism, border security disappearing altogether, haughty political families passing the baton from one to another, America's wealth being shipped offshore, the descendants of the pioneers being turned into unemployed welfare dependents and addicts, black families being destroyed until they hardly exist anymore, a defiantly liberal judiciary ruling from their hilltops, long proven cultural values surrendering to hedonism, turning Hollywood perverts into royalty, journalism becoming propaganda sheets, much much more.

Enough is enough. The so-called leaders symbolized by the corrupt attendees at the funeral of one of the biggest sell-outs of all have written their own last acts. Useless, effete, cocksure cowards hoping that their imported invaders will be able to protect them in their walled citadels.

No more open borders, no more offshoring America, no more culture of death, no more unprecedented enrichment of a handful of arrogant leftists, no more censorship, no more wars at the whim of the fascist self-styled aristocrats who enrich themselves by twisting the words of the visionaries who created the greatest country ever and using patriotic Americans as cannon fodder.


Name:   Talullahhound - Email Member
Subject:   The McCain funeral and the establishment
Date:   9/2/2018 8:36:55 PM

Scary, isn't it.  And then combine that with a generation whose parents have provided them with everything the minute they wanted it and now looks to the government to provide it all to them, on someone else's dime.  Career politicians that won't make a commitment to anything until they test the political winds of the party, lest they find themselves alone and (heaven forbid) unelectable in the next election.  

It's a sad situation where we find ourselves.

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