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Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   Another high tech lynching by Democrats
Date:   9/18/2018 6:09:23 PM

I have watched this very closely and have waited before weighing in to see whether these allegations have any merit.  I believe they do not for a variety of reasons. 

First is the politics of this.  Feinstein has had this information since July and did not ask Kavanaugh about them in either the open or closed door hearings.  She brought them out now in a very thinly veiled attempt to derail the nomination until after the midterms.  And be assured, even if they do not win the Senate they will demand that the nomination not happen until after the 2020 general election.  Count on it.  They should not get away with this. 

Second, the victim is a raging left wing activist who has mental health issues and her memory of this vicious attack amazingly only came up in counseling decades later.....and Kavanaugh was not mentioned by name in the notes from the session.  Conveniently they are claiming bad note taking which is laughable.  Had she mentioned names I can assure you the counselor would have written them down.  And before she released her name she conveniently and pathetically tried to scrub her social media of all her left wing activism.  Methinks she foolishly thought she could get away with it.

Third, he denies knowing her, being at the party and assaulting anyone.  This is a he said she said situation and the other person she claimed was present likewise denies it ever happening (as you would expect he would obviously).  There is literally no way this allegation can be proven.  As for the lie detector test she took.  It would be interesting indeed to see the details of that test and whether she was asked specifically about whether it was Kavanaugh.  Drunk or not, he would remember such an out of character event from his past.

Fourth, it is not even clear that she will agree to testify under oath about these allegations.  This would put her in legal jeopardy and given her original desire to remain anonymous it would appear that she was hesitant to come forward.  One can only wonder why but I suspect it was because she knew this would not pass any level of scrutiny.  If she agrees to testify she should be heard and Kavanaugh should have the opportunity to respond.  At the end of the process we will have her word against Kavanaugh and his friend.  I doubt she will be nearly as credible as them but you never know.

Fifth, there is no pattern of behavior like we saw with Slick Willie and Carlos Danger.  Apparently all his old girlfriends have come forward to refute this claim and have vouched for his character (along with 65 other women that know him well).  If he were such a mean-spirited predator the #metoo women would be lining up with similar claims.  To date that has not happened, unlike Slick Willie who was accused of rape and multiple infidelities, including the infamous blue dress.  This alone is enough for any reasonable person to question the veracity of her claims.

Finally, regardless of whether he is confirmed or not his reputation will be forever marred by this sorry political stunt as the Anita Hill allegations marred Clarence Thomas forever.  It is a sad and unfortunate spectacle watching Democrats smear someone simply because they don't like the results of the last several elections.  Actually it is despicable.  And even leftists are slamming Feinstein for her handling of this and rightly so.  Were these allegations credible she would have brought them forward right away and allowed the committee to vet them.  But she chose the path of trying to throw a hail Mary pass at the 11th hour for political gain.

And sadly the Never Trumpers like Jeff Flake and Murckowski are falling for this hook, line and sinker.  That too is despicable behavior on their part but all too common these days.  So this will all play out and time will tell if her gambit will pay off.  Either way, the process for the advice and consent of the Senate for POTUS nominations will never be the same.  And the reason this is so important is because the legislative branch is negligent in their duty and either punts to the Executive/Bureaucracy  or the Judicial branch so they can focus on getting re-elected.

Name:   wix - Email Member
Subject:   Another high tech lynching by Democrats
Date:   9/18/2018 6:36:21 PM

I have never seen anyone named more appropriately named than Flake.  Geez!  Trump nailed him correctly as soon as he met him, and Flake immediately knew he was doomed and announced he would not run again.  What BS....just wait, Flake will do a "thumbs down" just like his idol, McCain, at the committee meeting....what a weasel.

Name:   Talullahhound - Email Member
Subject:   Another high tech lynching by Democrats
Date:   9/19/2018 9:15:20 AM

It's pretty evident that this is a desperation move by Finestein.  This woman is refusing to testify (under oath) to a Congressional hearing until there is an FBI investigation.... FBI investigation for a HS party, 31 years ago?  Yeah, I can see that happening.  

I think it is time we draw the line as to how far back these accusations can be, to be taken seriously.  What next?  Someone that kissed a little girl in Kindergarten - or tried to hold her hand?

Name:   phil - Email Member
Subject:   Another high tech lynching by Democrats
Date:   9/19/2018 10:00:34 AM

And now she names another female who is supposed to be at the party, who has already sent in a letter saying she does not remember any such party that is inside some open ended time frame, location etc.

So we are now at no one who is claimed to be there remembers anything like what this person claims, no evidence, witnesses all state that it is not how they remember any kind of party anytime during the summer of some year at some unknown location.


So we have

One person - I was molested, almost raped, groped and thought i was going to die.

The accused and now two additional named witnesses who have been claimed to be present by the accuser - nope


Since the loons on here love to go by the Hillary won the popular vote, but for some reason I doubt it this time.  The accuser got to make her claim to congress and the news media, and is now refusing to show up to back up her claim.  Personally I think the FBI should open an investigation, but investigate the claim on both sides and if can be found that she lied about it then she should have large fines and jail time.  Reports like this is what is going to make the real people of MeToo have a much harder time being believed in the future.



Name:   Old Diver - Email Member
Subject:   Again?
Date:   9/19/2018 10:10:48 AM


   Some two months before an election / nomination of any conservative the Democrooks haul out some bimbo who will swear to anything they say. They did this to Moor, Judge Thomas,  and a host of others. They already have the signs printed up. All they have to do is fill in the names.

   Wouldn't it be better if the Democrooks went back to these cities they run and at least try to bring them back from the third world level they have caused?  How can anyone with the I Q of a turnip vote for these confirmed fools!

Name:   Shortbus - Email Member
Subject:   The conspiracy angle
Date:   9/19/2018 6:58:45 PM

Ok, here’s your daily helping of Deep State Conspiracy Theory. Enjoy and dispose of as you deem appropriate.
Date: September 19, 2018 at 9:21 AM
Sounds nutty but then who would believe that some Dem activist shrew could come out of the woodwork and make totally unsubstantiated claims of assault by an impeccably-credentialed, much vetted, judicial superstar and have supposedly intelligent people (always iffy at best with Dems) claim that whatever she says should be believed without question and his life destroyed.
So if you, like me, were wondering just who is this woman who suddenly appeared out of nowhere to accuse Judge Kavanaugh of sexually molesting her some 35 or so years ago in high school in an attempt to derail the confirmation hearing until after the mid term it is.
She is a Stanford University Psychiatry Professor who oversees the CIA undergraduate internship program developed by Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges. Who is this guy you ask? Well he was in charge of developing a CIA program of mind control and who had in 1985 had in his care a homeless woman by the name of Lois Lang. This woman miraculously traveled from CA to New York city and assassinated Nickolas Deak. Who is Nikolas Deak? He was the CIA paymaster in 1985 when the Ronald Reagan administration began investigating the Colombian drug cartel cash stash and the CIA involvement. Amazing, that a homeless woman got the cash and a gun to travel cross county to kill someone she didn't know.
What does this have to do with Kavanaugh? The Deep State does not want conservatives on the Supreme Court bench. They hate Trump.
After the assassination of Deak, Ralph G. Blasey Jr. took over as CIA paymaster. Who is he you ask? Well...he is the father of the accuser of Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey.
This woman in sworn testimony cannot name the year of the supposed assault, cannot remember where it took place, how she got home, cannot remember key details of the incident, never mentioned it to anyone, but yet somehow she feels compelled to spew her story on the national stage to try and derail the appointment of Kavanaugh.

Pure theater. Deep state at work.

Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   It just keeps getting worse for Democrats
Date:   9/19/2018 7:14:42 PM

So now we have an alleged corroborator of the story except all she did was undermine the woman.  She said the story was all over their school for several days afterward.  Problem one is that the incident allegedly happened in the summer. Problem two is that the woman claimed she never told anyone about it until it came out in counseling decades later.  Problem three is the woman has completely backtracked on her claim, said Kavanaugh was never mentioned....but she still believes it. Methinks someone wiser than her explained how libel laws work and what would happen to her if she testified under oath.  She would either have to undermine the whole story or change her tune completely under fear of committing perjury.  

And do you think her backtracking stopped nBS from going ahead with the claim?  Nope, not even close.  And the two...or was it four boys allegedly there have both denied it ever happened.  We will never know for sure because she told the therapist it was four but now it's two.  And she can't remember when, where, how she got home and so on.  And there are some who are in the know that claim that it will all blow up in their faces on Monday.....exculpatory evidence on the horizon?  I really hope she testifies but I am skeptical she will agree to do so for the same reason as the idiot corraborator above.  She has already placed herself in legal jeopardy with her letter and would only be doubling down with testimony under oath.

If I were a left wing nut voter in California this would be plenty to make me vote for Feinstein's opponent (who because of their ridiculous jungle primary system is also a left wing nut).  Would be a real laugher to see her lose in November over this while we watch Kavanaugh being sworn in as an associate justice.

Name:   au67 - Email Member
Subject:   It just keeps getting worse for Democrats
Date:   9/19/2018 8:06:40 PM

I'm not sure that lying before a congressional committee has any consequences.  Being held in contempt of Congress seems to have no consequences.  Having a congressional hearing on any subject matter seems to have no positive outcome and seems to simply embolden the Democrats and the MSM.  The utter chaos the Kavanaugh hearing has become has occurred because the Republicans have no spine and cower at the thought of a fight.  Read Grassley's latest letter to Feinstien where he very clearly points out all the opportunities the Dems had to bring this Ford issue to the committee and directly to Kavanaugh.  Grassley should have had the gonads to explain his view earlier, proceed with the scheduled vote tomorrow, and damn the torpedos...full speed ahead.  Trump may have a toadstool, but he sure as hell has some balls underneath.  

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