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Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   These calls for an FBI investigation are a farce
Date:   9/27/2018 5:18:53 PM (updated 9/27/2018 5:21:50 PM)

What a bunch of transparent hypocrites these Democrat Senators.  Trying to get Kavanaugh to call for an FBI investigation is yet another example of what this is and has always been about....delay, delay, delay.  How many times can Kavanaugh and Grassley say this before it enters their thick skulls?  The FBI will merely do what these Senators have the opportunity to do, ask questions and write down the answers and present it to the committee.  He is there.  They can ask all the questions they want.  They have the sworn testimony of four of the people alleged to have been there and all have denied it under penalty of perjury.  That is exactly what they will tell the FBI.  If they really wanted the FBI to investigate this they would not have kept it secret from the Committee until the 11th hour.

A couple of other thoughts.  Lindsey Graham is my hero for the day for telling the American people exactly what is going on here.  Also, I would note the difference between the kid gloves they used when questioning Ford and the iron fist they are using with Kavanaugh.  Women being treated equal?  Phhhhttt....

Name:   wix - Email Member
Subject:   Kavanaugh, Graham, and Cruz.....
Date:   9/27/2018 8:58:54 PM (updated 9/27/2018 9:01:09 PM)

Nailed the liberal weasels to the wall this afternoon.  Loved how Fine-stein, and the hand holding Booker-Harris love duo were totally out in space. F-stein spent all her time trying to weasel out of responsibility for the whole mess.  Thank goodness the republicans woke up and got rid of the fat woman asking the worthless questions.  

Christine is a total flake and mindless wreck. She was treated with kid gloves and still said absolutely nothing......good!  Looks like it’s all up to the Flake and the two dimokraps wanna bee bimbos.

BTW, women’s lib efforts took a major step backwards today.

Name:   Shortbus - Email Member
Subject:   Kavanaugh, Graham, and Cruz.....
Date:   9/27/2018 11:25:06 PM

Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   The only solution to your post
Date:   9/28/2018 9:04:02 AM

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