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Name:   wix - Email Member
Subject:   Embarrassed dimokraps
Date:   10/5/2018 10:56:06 PM

Imagine how reasonable moderate dimokraps feel at this time.  Their political affiliations have been high jacked by communist,  racial bigots who pose as zealots, and the grossest crowd of paid females on earth.  Thank goodness recent events have showed us all what slime balls have taken over the dimokraps.  Notice even our 2 or 3 local idiots have retreated to hide under their beds.  

Not since the dimokrap idiot demonstrations of the the 60s over the Vietnam war have the dimokraps exhibited such utter stupidity.  Hopefully, Republicans and reasonable Americans will head to the polls in a month and save our country.

Name:   Rich - Email Member
Subject:   Not Your Parents Democrats
Date:   10/6/2018 8:35:36 AM

My hope is all the non stop media is forcing middle America ,those that only pay attention every four years, to realize that his is not the Party of JFK anymore. JFK would be considered a conservative by todays standards. I believe many who cconsidered themselves Democrats will come to the realization that the Dems have been taken over by the 60's left anarcist. We will Know in 5 months. The best thing Trump has done is draw them out into the open. The only way they got elected was to lie and they did a good job of it, now the can't contain themselves and with the Lame stream media continuine the drumbeat they have convinced themselves that America is behind them. Sunshine is the best dissinfectant. I refuse to believe that when odserving the behavior od the Dems and their supporters that America will not dissmiss them at the ballot box. This may be the most important midterm in history. If the left is repudiated I believe the next few years could look like the 60's with the left rioting in the streets. They thought they won the battle until Hildy lost and can't get over it.

Name:   Rich - Email Member
Subject:   My apologies Wix
Date:   10/6/2018 8:41:39 AM

I read your heading and went on a rant and didnt read your post. Had I done so I wouldn't have needed to post. Well said sir.

Name:   wix - Email Member
Subject:   My apologies Wix
Date:   10/6/2018 8:44:43 AM

We can’t say it enough.....thanks for the endorsement.

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