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Name:   wix - Email Member
Date:   11/6/2018 11:42:05 PM (updated 11/6/2018 11:43:56 PM)

Hey guys, I need a favor.  I’ve been in a meeting all day and just got home, and I’m too exhausted to watch TV for election results.  Would ya’ll post a run down on results for me.  Especially the GA, TX, and FL statewide races.  Did ya’ll have the huge Blue Wave the dimokraps predicted?  

Name:   GoneFishin - Email Member
Date:   11/7/2018 1:08:52 AM (updated 11/7/2018 1:14:26 AM)

Let me help you....The Right won the races you questioned. Looks like the Right will pick up a few seats in the Senate.

The Good Guys won the House...Pelosi will lead them. Maxine Waters will lead the Financial Services committee...Schiff will replace Nunes and lead Oversight which make Trump reallllll happy, and Cummings will replace Gowdy as head of Oversight. Think Trump is having nightmares tonight?????? Tax returns, impeachment, and having Low IQ Maxine in power.  

Your party of high moral and ethics reelected 2 under indictment.

Chris Collins from New York indicted for inside trading.

Duncan Hunter from California and his wife, who served as his campaign chair, are accused of misusing more than $250,000 in campaign funds, including more than $400 on tequila shots at a bachelor party, $250 on airfare for a pet rabbit and $14,000 for an Italian vacation. Both have pleaded not guilty to charges.

So Weasel, that's the latest.

Name:   wix - Email Member
Subject:   GOOF-KRAP
Date:   11/7/2018 6:53:07 AM

PEElosi will simply assure the re-election of Trump and Republicans in 2020, you can bet on that.  What a great poster-idiot she will be!


Name:   RHH - Email Member
Date:   11/7/2018 9:22:33 AM

Wix, I didn’t know the Klan was meeting on Election Day.

Name:   architect - Email Member
Subject:   In GA and TX
Date:   11/7/2018 11:13:12 AM

hell yes compared with the results every 2 years for the last 20 years!  2 house districts flipped in TX and at least 1 in GA (inspite of Gerrymandering), Gains by Democrats in the GA legislature.  COBB COUNTY goes for Abrams!  And if Kemp ends in a runoff (entirely possible after ALL the votes are counted) he is likely toast.  If he does somehow prevail he will be the last Rethuglican governor for decades!  If you are so blinded not to see what happened in GA yesterday then you are even stupider than you pretend to be!

Name:   phil - Email Member
Subject:   In GA and TX
Date:   11/7/2018 5:43:41 PM

Looks like COBB county is not going to be enough to overcome the rest of the votes in the state.  

Name:   wix - Email Member
Date:   11/7/2018 10:33:02 PM

Coulda......woulda.....shoulda.....KRAP is KRAP!!!!

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