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Name:   Old Diver - Email Member
Subject:   Future Elections
Date:   11/12/2018 1:00:23 PM

   All the Elorida votes were counted. Both Nelson and Gillum conceded. Then the Democrooks decided they could overturn am election and they started this fraudlent circus. These crooks would shame Stalin!

  This is just a small taste of what we will faci in 2020! No Democrat has ever lost votes on a recount! There is always another forgotten box of ballots found under the stairs that, strangley enough, are 98% Democratic!

   We had better get control of our elections or we will be another Venezuela.

To quote Stalin again:


He who votes decides nothing

He who counts decides all.

Name:   Buteye - Email Member
Subject:   Future Elections
Date:   11/12/2018 2:05:07 PM

I have just been watching pictures on TV of the ongoing recount of votes in Florida. When you view the large number of people moving around in the areas where the votes are being counted it leaves a very uneasy feeling about how any degree of fairness can result from the recount. There are literally hundreds of cardboard boxes containing ballots stacked under tables and on storage racks throughout area. There doesn't appear to be any "systematic" accounting to insure that all boxes are counted or that some boxes are not counted more than once. One can only hope that there is enough oversight to the process that the "haphazard" approach as viewed on TV is not indicative of the final income. 

Name:   rude evin - Email Member
Subject:   Future Elections
Date:   11/13/2018 8:31:29 AM

I bet we got us another AL Franken moment coming up.......

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