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Name:   phil - Email Member
Subject:   To the Ladies on the forum
Date:   11/14/2018 5:23:02 PM

Not sure how many of them, but my daughter at supper last night showed me a facebook post.


The statement was that men should not give women CPR, because they are touching them without consent and it is rape.  


I do hope the person who posted it was joking.


Many of the comments revolved around making sure that they had a DNR bracelet and to enjoy the afterlife.





Name:   GoneFishin - Email Member
Subject:   To Phil The Ladies Man
Date:   11/14/2018 7:48:40 PM

I would hope a woman would overlook a male giving her CPR without having to sign a release. I guess a woman could argue she did not need CPR and the dude wanted to take advantage of her.

Name:   Talullahhound - Email Member
Subject:   To the Ladies on the forum
Date:   11/15/2018 12:22:03 PM

One would hope that it was a joke, but given some of the radical ideas of those that subscribe to the "Me too" movement, nothing is too extreme.  It makes me wonder if the poster thinks men are just hanging about waiting for women to go into cardiac arrest to take advantage.  To the gentlemen of the forum - if I should fall into cardiac arrest in your presence, and you feel compeled to try to help, I relieve you from all future claims of sexual abuse.  And to any onlookers, please do not attempt to relieve me of my cash and credit cards while I am struggling to live.  it's just not good manners.

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