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Name:   GoneFishin - Email Member
Subject:   Thanks Mr President Great News
Date:   11/27/2018 3:19:00 PM

When I initially read about the new scientific report on  climate change, I was concerned. But thanks to Presient Trump and Ms Sanders, I now feel more secure that there is little to worry about.

"Sanders claims that the climate report by the Trump administration is "not based on facts."


The report was developed by multiple federal agencies. A version of it is mandated to be released every four years under the National Climate Assessment from the multi-agency Global Change Research Program.

The hundreds of government and external scientists involved in the research concluded that climate change could cost the United States billions of dollars annually within decades if greenhouse gases aren’t dramatically reduced, and could worsen environmental disasters like wildfires and flooding. Its findings aligned with those of the broader scientific community.

Trump downplayed the report's findings, telling reporters on Monday's that he doesn't "believe" its warnings about the economic impacts of climate change."




Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   He sees Globaloney for what it is
Date:   11/27/2018 3:33:40 PM

What is this, the third or fourth prognostication of doom from so-called scientists in the last 20 or 30 years?  Geez Goofy, a really intelligent person would say that a group who has incorrectly predicted the end of the world from climate change multiple times might not exactly be worthy of belief.  But stupid liberals will believe anything because they have lost the ability to think critically using facts, logic and reason.......otherwise they would not be liberals.

The climate has always changed and will always change regardless of what we do or don't do.  There is zero evidence that climate change has had any influence on the frequency or magnitude of significant weather events (in fact, we are in a lull in hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.), Fires like we saw in California are a result of poorly conceived forest management strategies developed by left wing nuts and so on.

So here's my bet for you.  Since you think the world will end in ten years then sign over to me all your worldly possessions at that time.  If you are so sure they are right then it shouldn't matter.  So either put your money where your mouth is or maybe you should admit to everyone that you don't really believe all this nonsense, you just like it as a way for more power to be placed in the hands of the govt and more resources taken away from the productive and given to the losers in life.  You know how to reach me.  Send me the contract that I get all your money, your BMW SUV (which gets lousy gas mileage by the way), your retirement home in Florida and all the rest of your stuff.  If you really, really believe it you got nothing to lose and I have nothing to gain.

I am not going to hold my breath.

Name:   lakngulf - Email Member
Subject:   Thanks Mr President Great News
Date:   11/27/2018 3:35:30 PM

So what do you find to be the Great News?

I personally in my small small mind think it absurd to think we minions have the ability to control nature.  While at Niagara Falls recently I watch the animated film that they show you before we enter one of the programs. The animation was a bunch of bears talking about the changes that had taken place in that area because of the Ice Age that resulted in the creation of this unbelievable feature called Niagara Falls. Who knows what comes next what volcano will erupt and cover half of the United States? Just remember we are minions

Name:   Old Diver - Email Member
Subject:   Great News?
Date:   11/28/2018 10:50:33 AM


   It is over. The science is settled. Global warming is a fact and anyone who says otherwise must be prosecuted or burned at the stake! This is not science. This is the dogma of the church of global cooling / warming / climate change etc fanatics.

   Science is never over. There is always something to learn or discover.

Name:   MAJ USA RET - Email Member
Subject:   [Message deleted by author]
Date:   11/28/2018 11:14:19 AM (updated 11/28/2018 11:15:43 AM)

Name:   MAJ USA RET - Email Member
Subject:   Let's look back and see what happened
Date:   11/28/2018 11:18:25 AM (updated 11/28/2018 11:38:51 AM)


The Holocene (modern human) epoch is 4000 years old.  That is .625 millionths of the age of the earth.  Our (modern) species will be extraordinarily lucky if we don’t make ourselves extinct in the next 4000 years… certainly past the next ice age.  Mother Nature will have all but eradicated evidence of us having been here within 4000 years after that. If my prediction is true, our total dwell time on earth will be about 1.9 millionths of the age of the earth… after we have been erased.


I will attempt to insert a graphic here:


We should note that during the last 3 interglacial (warm) periods, the average high temperatures were higher than in the present.


I will attempt to insert a graphic here:


Let us bring into context the CO2 concentrations of the glacial periods of the last 800K (eight hundred thousand) years.  Please note that CO2 concentrations were higher than the present in the Sangamon and in the Yarmouth I and II interglacial periods. (To be sure, mankind was lighting only campfires and the occasional forest fire.)

I will attempt to insert a graphic here:

Despite the misrepresentation of “consensus”, AGW is NOT an accepted theory among REAL scientists.

- LMF Curmudgeon

Name:   architect - Email Member
Subject:   Maj
Date:   11/28/2018 10:37:15 PM

Two questions:

You obviously have a lot of confidence about what the scientists tell us about the past.  Do you have the same confidence about what they tell us about the present?

Do you think Donald Trump has even 1% of the brain power it would take to make heads or tails of the graphics included in your post?

Name:   MAJ USA RET - Email Member
Subject:   Maj
Date:   11/28/2018 11:42:22 PM


Architect 1 – “You obviously have a lot of confidence about what the scientists tell us about the past.  Do you have the same confidence about what they tell us about the present?” 

The Theory of Uniformitarianism informs us that the laws of physics, thermodynamics, chemistry, and mathematics have not been mutated by the passage of time.  Therefore we can look to the mechanisms of the past to inform us about the mechanisms of the future… as we can so observe them in action in the present.

Architect 2 –  “Do you think Donald Trump has even 1% of the brain power it would take to make heads or tails of the graphics included in your post?”  

I seek the advice of accountants and financial advisors when making financial decisions.  I seek the advice of a lawyer when confronted by legal issues.  If I want to make a decision about what to wear to ring the Salvation Army bell tomorrow, I would look for the products of a meteorologist. 

You, Archy,  are an architect… being an intelligent man, you allowed your mind to critically assess what you saw on my post and you came to an “informed decision” about it.

President Trump, being a business man, consults REAL scientists when making his decisions about “global warming.”  Personally, I think that President Trump has considered and embraced the scientific method as being the best path forward with respect to “climate change.”  To date, the scientific method HAS NOT been applied to the pseudo-science of global warming.  It has NOT passed the public scrutiny of scientifically qualified peers. 

I am a certified geologist, geophysicist, and environmental specialist… and from the beginning… AGW smelled like ripe fish to me.  Everything screamed, “Show me how you came up with that!”  In high school, I learned that CO2 was a colorless, odorless gas.  At 220 +/- ppm (2/100ths of 1 percent) of the atmosphere… Al Gore and Bill Nye the Science Guy are telling me that CO2 is a heinous crippler of climate  …that the very gas, which is wonderfully beneficial to plant life, is a threat to agriculture. They are telling me that warmer is worse that colder.

AGW has been neither validated nor publically reviewed by peers.  I am one of 31,000+ credentialed scientists who petitioned to have AGW publically peer reviewed.  

AGWs may go first: Please, in with respect to AGW, explain the origins of the Younger Dryas and the Medieval Warming Period.  Please compare the Maunder Minimum to your observations. Release (if you haven’t destroyed it) your raw data set so that we… your peers… can re-create your experiment(s). 

Now, do you understand why we hear only crickets?

As stipulated by the "Theory of Uniformitarianism," the laws of physics and chemistry are not changed or suspended by the history or presence of human beings.

- LMF Curmudgeon

Name:   Carlson - Email Member
Subject:   Major, why have we not heard of this petition?
Date:   11/29/2018 9:05:05 AM

it is clear and has been that not everyone credentialed to assess man-made global warming agrees with the UN and others touting that we are domed.  Yet the media never mentions this petition and other desenting views across the USA and the world.  

Thanks for sharing this info.  I would love to say I understand all of these graphs but it is above my pay grade!  But as a business type I know when folks are trying to pick my pocket based on inexact science!  


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