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Name:   Talullahhound - Email Member
Subject:   Madam Secretary
Date:   12/24/2018 12:03:19 PM

I don't usually watch serial TV, but for some reason, last night the show "Madam Secretary" was on.  It is about a woman Secretary of State.  Last night's show dealt with illegal immigration - so blatantly political showing scenes of immigrant children in cages, and all the "tragedies" that liberals like to talk about.  And I guess the woman Secretary of State was supposed to represent Hilary???  If this is what the majority of Americans are watching, they are being brainwashed.  At the end of this program (to be continued) the Secretary of State is arrested by the State police after the governor tells her she has no jurisdiction there, and for good measure, all the protesters are arrested too. This is the trash that is being fed to the American people by a liberal hollywood and no doubt that the Aerican public, lemmings that they are, lap it up and believe it.  

Name:   Buteye - Email Member
Subject:   Madam Secretary
Date:   12/24/2018 1:29:03 PM

No rocks are being left unturned in the Democrats plans to totally destroy the will of the American people. They have done nothing during President Trump's two years that can be attributed to any action on their part in fullfilling the needs of the country. Pelosi has just stated that the Democrats are totally committed in the denial of President Trumps "IMMORAL" wall. It is not his or anyone elses, it is the "PEOPLES" wall.

Name:   GoneFishin - Email Member
Subject:   Madam Secretary
Date:   12/24/2018 1:37:26 PM

Is the Left treating Trump any different than you and your fellow Deplorables treated Obama during his 8 years in office?

Name:   architect - Email Member
Subject:   Madam Secretary
Date:   12/24/2018 4:08:07 PM

Actually Hound was mostly supportive of Obama.  She is certainly a different lady today.  The remainder of the forum's ample supply of ''deplorables'' spewed more hatred of Obama for 8 years on this forum than the scant few of us who possess enough common sense to see through Trump's scam could supply in a century.

Name:   Carlson - Email Member
Subject:   Madam Secretary
Date:   12/24/2018 6:21:27 PM


you and those on the other side are blindly led by the political parties.  Your hatred for Trump is matched only by the posters who hated Obama.  My only wish is that somehow we can eliminate political parties or convince voters they are being scammed by the ruling class (the swamp).  

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and come to their senses.


Name:   architect - Email Member
Subject:   Carlson
Date:   12/25/2018 10:59:52 AM (updated 12/25/2018 11:06:39 AM)

A heart-felt Merry Christmas to you too. 

I almost agree with you on political parties but recognize we will never get rid of them.  I can invision a 3d party that could attract the voters who's opinions are somewhere in between the extremes which now unfortunately control both parties.  Such people make up a strong plurality of the nation today but they generally have no say in how the nation is run. 

I respectfully disagree on who is ''blinded by political party''.  Most voters on both sides are completely blinded by party loyalty.  In my opinion the vast majority on this forum who are ALWAYS supportive of Trump are mostly intellegent people who consider themselves faithful Republicans and are now supportive of Trump simply because he has the R after his name (take a look at many pre-primary posts...there were a lot of never Trumpers on this forum who now offer lavish praise) .  I cannot abide Trump because I do not like most of his policies (many of which he himself holds only for political expediance) and because he is the lowest form of human being morally and ethically as demostarted daily by his words and action, and by that fact his policies are guided by political expediancy rather than conviction or reason.  If Trump had run exactly the same campaign as a Democrat (a possibility which is not out of the realm reasonable) he would have received neither my vote nor the vote of one single one of his current supporters on this forum.  Sadly he would have received the vote of most of the same people who supported Hillary for no other reason than the D after his name.   I know it and so do you.

BTW:  I would have supported John Kasich or William Weld and possibly Jeb Bush had either been the Republican candidate against Clinton, and I suspect so would have all the current trump supporters on this forum, and the nation and world would have been better off!

Name:   Rich - Email Member
Subject:   Carlson
Date:   12/25/2018 11:41:41 AM

WOW! Arch I can't believe my eyes. I don't think I have ever agreed with a thing you have written and yet I agree with all of this. Will wonders never cease.

Name:   flyfisher - Email Member
Subject:   Madam Secretary
Date:   12/25/2018 11:59:27 AM

LAW & ORDER had a similar themed show where OLIVIA arrested an ICE agent for kidnapping (arresting an illegal immigrant)--said it was her "moral duty"

Name:   Carlson - Email Member
Subject:   Carlson
Date:   12/25/2018 12:40:03 PM

Archie, after reading and rereading your response, I could not determine the logic - it’s all over the place.  So let me say, ok, and Merry Christmas!  Lol.



Name:   architect - Email Member
Subject:   Carlson and Rich
Date:   12/25/2018 6:20:22 PM (updated 12/25/2018 6:25:40 PM)

Carlson, perhaps you need to read my post one more time with no pre-conception about exactly where you THINK I stand politically.  My comment may be a bit disjointed but there is no lack of logic which will be apparent when read carefully without bias and without making assumptions before you start to read.

Rich, there is indeed hope!

Name:   MAJ USA RET - Email Member
Subject:   There IS another political party
Date:   12/27/2018 9:30:06 AM


No, Archie… most realists now consider themselves “independent” and then hold their nose while they vote… “lesser of two evils.”  President Trump… as I wrote before… is running this country as its CEO.  He is applying “The Art of the Deal” to making America preeminent once more (aka MAGA).  I do not agree with some of what he does (e.g. tweeting).  HOWEVER, Hillary would have capsized our great ship of the Republic… and we’d be swamped.  The Constitution would have had its keel broken on the shoals of Hillary’s ambitions and greed.

The fact that President Trump is “churning” his staff is:  a) not unusual for a first term president and b) entirely appropriate for those who cannot support the boss’ final decision. 

Imagine asking for advice from a chief advisor and also several other very qualified sources.  In the military there is a specific format for this (so GEN Mattis knew the drill). 

Military decision brief format (I continued to use this in civilian life):

Once the boss considers all the information presented, he makes his decision. After he does that, every subordinate is required to support that decision and make it happen… no matter how odious the decision may appear to them.  There shall be no room for hysterical ranting or obfuscating the mission. The term for that is insubordination... GEN Mattis avoided that by resigning.  Good soldier!

Name:   MAJ USA RET - Email Member
Subject:   Trump, the Lesser
Date:   12/27/2018 10:10:09 AM


As for Republicans and President Trump… the time to shed ourselves of Trump came during the primaries.  Because conservatives (and independents) are trying to change the counterproductive behavior of the swamp they chose Donald Trump… a successful, charismatic, direct speaking, businessman with NO political experience.  With those traits, you have to take the bad with the good.  In his (previous) line of work, one does not succeed by being timid.  Remember, Trump turned several key states by attracting disaffected Democrats… while retaining disaffected Republicans.

In the main, President Trump has kept his promises as best as he can while swimming upstream against the liberal media, deep state, and business-as-usual legislators.  President Trump is publicly placing the blame squarely where it belongs.

He appears to be filling Supreme Court vacancies with constitutionalists… if only conservatives regard The Constitution as the supreme law of the land… then conservative would also be an accurate term.

As our Commander-in-Chief… he is required by the Constitution to provide for national security. It is in the best interest of our national security and sovereignty for him to build a wall along our southern border. He has asked Congress (the swamp) to fix our (illegal) immigration problems… they have fumbled the ball and aren’t even looking for it. If the wall does not get built and/or Congress does not pass legislation fixing the illegal immigration impass… your grandchildren will suffer for it GREATLY.  Their nation will be exactly as Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez wish it to be… and opportunity and entrepreneurship will be squelched. They will run out of other people’s money.

Liberals… be careful what you wish for. The Muslims are watching… gleefully.

- LMF Curmudgeon

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