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Name:   Buteye - Email Member
Subject:   A Thought To Ponder
Date:   1/20/2019 12:05:54 AM (updated 1/20/2019 12:12:46 AM)

While sitting here having just finished watching Judge Jeannine, I am trying to find a way to try and describe some thoughts that keep surfacing as this issue on immigration and border security drag on. I consider myself to be a fairly rational person with a college education who doesn't jump to quick conclusions in one way or the other. In other words, I think I try to look at both sides of a situation and try to use my education, experiences resulting from seventy eight years of living, and with a little "common sense" I can usually offer a fairly sensible input to occurences that we all must deal with over a period of time. However, I feel that what I have witnessed over the last two years, and more specifically over the last few months to be among the most perplexing of my lifetime. And I must say, much of what I am saying can be attributed to associations that have been brought about from time spent on the forum.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           It is difficult for me to wrap my hands around exactly what it is that I am trying to say so please bear with me while I try and give an example of where I am coming from. If you are already bored then don't read any further and then come and say what a "silly" concoction I have formulated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       To set the stage, I have tried to view myself as someone who has not been involved in any of the many different subjects that we have been able to discuss and offer our thoughts and opinions. Therefore, I would have had very little infomation on the many subjects that we cussed and discussed, in some cases, on an almost "daily" basis. That being the situation, as an individual, most of the information I would have been subjected to would have come from TV and the "news" media. From my point of view I doubt that most people today are in a position to have had much interaction with other people about the "current" happenings in the world today. Accordingly, that means that about 90% of everything they "see or hear" would have been "fake news". As such, I think it is scary to think that people are seeing and reacting based on about 10% of "true" news. It's almost like we are living in a "third world country" where the "government "controls the news

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I think my own 50 year old son is a good example of the "rat race" that we see today. In trying to talk to him about some of the troubling things we are witnessing toay, he says, "Dad, I have all I can do 'managing' my sales business, and trying to afford two kids in college and one in private school". He doesn't have the leisure I have had in my retirement,

Name:   Rich - Email Member
Subject:   Interesting
Date:   1/20/2019 8:15:09 AM

I just had almost the same discussion with my wife yesterday. She was wondering how anyone could not see the Biased Fake News for what it was and realize they are not getting the facts. I related your sons story though  it was   my superintents life. Most people do not have  the luxury or inclination to read past the headlines. Unfortunatly these people still vote.

Name:   wix - Email Member
Subject:   A Thought To Ponder
Date:   1/20/2019 8:59:52 AM

Think back 30 years and you’ll probably identify with your son’s situation.  I know I do. We tend to conquer life one stage at a time.  We now have time to reflect....Thank God for this period of our lives.

Name:   Talullahhound - Email Member
Subject:   A Thought To Ponder
Date:   1/20/2019 5:41:39 PM

I am in total agreement with you.  I'm not sure any of us retirees have a complete handle on how quickly things move and change now.  It is a full time job just keeping your immediate life's balls in the air, much less study and poinder and seek muliple sources to cross check what we hear or read.  And even doing that, I still don't know all the facts regarding illegal immigration.  I have some observations about these immigarants, just through seeing them standing around on street corners in Northern VA, looking for work as day laborers, and then the long lines they stand in on Fridays, sending their pay off to whever it was they came from.  

This morning I was watching on that George Steponoplous Sunday morning show.  They were interviewing immigrants who are waiting some would be immigrants, who told how they left their countries in this case, Honduras and El Salvador because of gang violence.  So I am asking myself why they would walk through these other counties if they were just rying to get away from the violence. Or why did they walk north instead of South?  One woman was 22 and already had 3 children, whith no father present.  What kind of skills is she bringing to our country that will allow her to work and support those 3 kids?  

And they interview the Border Patrol who says that they really need the wall.  I mean, why would they lie about it?  They are not Washington lobbyists or other lounge lizards, but guys that have skin in the game.  

And another things that confuses me - why are Democrats so insistent that we have to take these people in.  And just because we used to be a haven for immigrants - why do we have to continue to be?  Why can't we set standards like other countries?  I struggle with the logic.  

Name:   flyfisher - Email Member
Subject:   A Thought To Ponder
Date:   1/21/2019 9:53:46 AM

i have 2 mature daughters 32/34 & son-in-law 34; 2 masters degrees, 1 Doctor; they do not watch any news because they think its all pre-programmed, biased, one sided, etc.

Name:   Buteye - Email Member
Subject:   A Thought To Ponder
Date:   1/21/2019 1:05:41 PM

Not trying to be nosey, but which side are they on?

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