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Name:   GoneFishin - Email Member
Subject:   This is really scary
Date:   4/5/2019 5:11:04 PM

Everytime you eat pork, think of this....processing plant owners will be responsible for identifying diseased and contaminated pork thanks to Trump.

The Washington Post reports that the Trump administration plans to slash the number of federal inspectors in the nation's pork-processing plants by about 40 percent. The change, which could take place next month, is part of the Republican press to deregulate industry—including removing regulations previously put in place for public safety reasons.

The removed federal inspectors would be replaced by ... actually, by nothing.

Under the proposed new inspection system, the responsibility for identifying diseased and contaminated pork would be shared with plant employees, whose training would be at the discretion of plant owners. There would be no limits on slaughter-line speeds.

The "responsibility" for keeping contaminated meat out of the plant would be transferred to industry employees, but there are no hard requirements for how, or if, those workers will be trained to identify specific diseases or contaminants. There would similarly be no requirement that the plant operate at a speed that would even allow for plausible visual inspections, and no requirement that plants publicly disclose the results of their own disease testing, a move that could delay identification of new outbreaks.

Tests for salmonella and E. coli, two of the most common causes of serious food-borne illness, will seemingly no longer be required at all.


Name:   Shortbus - Email Member
Subject:   This is really scary
Date:   4/5/2019 6:27:11 PM

Don't you think trial lawyers are much more scary than your old buddy da gubment inspector?

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