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Name:   Lifer - Email Member
Subject:   Remember the ridicule...
Date:   5/3/2019 10:00:32 AM

In 2016 there were 17 Republicans in the race for POTUS and how dembicilles laughed and made jokes about how many were running. I sure do. Now we have, at last count 22 and most likely more, dembicilles running and all the talk is how wonderful it is to see so much diversity in the dembicille party.

I think that we will see a chaotic convention from them and once the super delegates get involved in the second round of voting either shillary or moochelle will end up being put forward as the party savior and the only hope of beating Trump. It wouldn't even surprise me if it didn't end up a shillary/moochelle ticket. How great would that befor entertainment purposes. Popcorn sales would sky rocket. VP is the perfect job for moochelle. The only defined responsibility is presiding over the senate which is left to the majority leader so basically a no show job, just lie she had in sh!tcago.

Name:   Old Diver - Email Member
Subject:   Since?
Date:   5/5/2019 1:44:03 PM



   Since Barnum and Baily closed down it is nice to see that the freak show performers have found work!

Name:   GoneFishin - Email Member
Subject:   Since?
Date:   5/5/2019 2:06:25 PM

Biden has the answer.....the circus is alive and well....

“There’s so many nicknames I’m inclined to give this guy,” Biden said to laughter in the room. “You can just start with clown.”

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