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Name:   MAJ USA RET - Email Member
Subject:   Where are the Forum stalwarts
Date:   5/10/2019 9:43:12 AM (updated 5/10/2019 9:45:21 AM)


Every day, I check the forum… mostly without logging on.  I do this to see if there is reasonable discourse with respect to current events as “reported” in the news.  I do this after visiting several “news” websites.  The problem is with “news” as it is presented.

In the quest for modern, the media has become trendy.  We all know the persistence of trendy.  In the attempt to capture “loyal” readers, the media bows to the contemporary… becoming normal… inability to focus.  The “normal” consumer of mainstream reporting has neither persistence or critical thinking skills.  Add to those deficiencies… today’s “normal” consumer needs to be entertained.

Hey!  It’s just business.  Thus begat 30 second sound bites…  bracketed by feminine care products and erectile dysfunction remedies.  The model is very entertaining, necessarily inflammatory, and overly simplistic blather.  ( yes… I DID mean to use the adverb “overly.”)

Opinion is easier to sell than factual reporting… and the media are not in the social charity (responsibility) business.  They sell time and fill it with mind manipulating… adjective and adverb rich… entertaining misrepresentation.  Context exists only in its original moment.

To be sure, some of you are connected to reasonable and critical thought (in the classical definition).  But, within this forum, there is excessive stridency... i.e. the signal-to-noise-ratio is declining.  It is easy to determine which of you is connected to the “string of everything” versus those of you who possess only a bag of s--- !

Please, let me quote Anais Nin:

“We see things not as they are;

We see things as WE are.”


I am a dismayed, hungry skeptic.  This is my rare post for the time being. I am here almost every day. But, “Sprecfien ist silbern, Schweigen ist golden” (Swiss inscription: Speech is silver, Silence is golden).

- LMF Curmudgeon

Name:   MartiniMan - Email Member
Subject:   Where are the Forum stalwarts
Date:   5/10/2019 10:40:34 AM

The more conservative ones are still here.  Other than Goofy, the others have been pretty quiet after Mueller burst their collusion, conspiracy and obstruction bubbles.  Can't say that I blame them.  If I had so much invested in a hoax for the last two years only to learn that after a $30M investigation by a bunch of Hillary lawyers I too would be distraught.  All the signs that this was going nowhere were out there for them to see.  They just refused to see them.  And even worse for them, the economy remains strong, unemployment is at record lows for all demographic groups, wages are up, etc. and Trump's RCP average is higher than Obama's at this time in his first term. 

All in all very dismal news as Trump Makes America Great least if you loathe him like they do.  All they are waiting for is bad news for America and/or Trump and they will be back raging away.  You can count on it.

Name:   Shortbus - Email Member
Subject:   Where are the Forum stalwarts
Date:   5/11/2019 8:33:50 AM


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